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“Why make a legal gun, illegal?”

That’s such a shitty/hypocritical catch phrase.  In 1989 when CA passed the Roberti-Roos List (CA Assault Weapons Ban), it was the government that made the guns illegal.  When the law was passed, the state was required to notify via commonly read newspapers, or PSA on TV – either of which rarely transpired.  People found out […]

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How Not To Post a Concealed Carry Video

Derek really wishes this guy takes a class from a reputable instructor.

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Babysitting Kids in California?

I decided awhile ago that if I ever want kids, I won’t have them in California. As if I needed more reasons… California screwuslatures wants to regulate babysitting.

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Kel Tec’s Tiny Hole

I thought it was some gunk on the slide, so I scrubbed harder with a cotton swab. “Stubborn little sucker.” I took a steel pick, instead. “Huh — that’s weird.  There’s a hole in my Kel Tec P3AT.” I’m not worried, but should I? I hate it when these things happen on the weekend… I […]

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Natural Aversion?

I argue appendix carry also offers shooters passive concealment; most folks avoid looking at the crotch.  Most also totally discount women as threats. The video shown at Univision Sacramento is outstanding – pretty flipping amazing.  California Highway Patrol and Sacramento County Sheriff Department were in condition white.  Consider them lucky nothing happened.  At least one […]

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I bang high profile chicks…

Outside the box thoughts on “good cause” in California.  So. Cal. folks… “You need to protect those girls [Paris Hilton].”  Link is an .mp4 file. EDIT:  I listened to his rant and share some of his concerns about the mob mentality on Calguns.net [that’s true with most large forum], but I’m still ROFL with the […]

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Don’t be that guy…

I’m generally mindful of what I post; particularly photos.  If the photo isn’t mine or distasteful, I try to not post it.  Same is true when speaking of peers. I’ve certainly have made fun of people and have had posting malfunctions, but never with this level of arrogance. Breda called poor judgment on the Gunmart […]

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Who needs three holsters?

This guy does.

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Self-Defense Against Guns. Use an Automobile.

“The constitution gives them the right to run over them with their car…” Wow.

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Hanging out with a Certified Dog Trainer

Taking on the responsibility for the care of a dog should be a serious matter.  When I worked at a pet store, ignoring the incessant barking and cleaning up the puddles of piss was normal.  Can’t blame the pets, though. As much as my employer encouraged training, few sought it.  They knew better, or their […]

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His creep factor is mighty high…

Travis Levi Taylor: stalker, creeper, and Jeffery Dahmer admirer.  He’s now in jail, bail denied. Facebook is bad… mmkay. PS Become a fan.

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Insert “The Price is Right” fail horn

Reported by The Firearms Blog, someone drove on to an active shooting range during Media Day.  Cartridges of flavor were “.338 Lapua’s, and 7.62mm NATO machine guns!!!!!!”

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Security Theatre: Refuse sexual assult, $10,000 fine.

From Gawker, Flying over Thanksgiving? Listen to the cautionary tale of blogger “Johnny Edge,” who was sent home from the airport after refusing both the TSA nudie x-ray machine and the groin-grabbing “pat-down”—and was threatened with a $10,000 fine. More here at thepeoplesvoice.org, “If you touch my junk, I’m gonna have you arrested.”

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Rubber you only use once.

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I want to go to the shooting range with Marijuana someday

Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer that is.  This story is new to me, but she’s legit and cool in my book.

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How many WTFs did I miss in this article?

H/T to my good buddy for posting this on another forum. A 3-year-old Seaford boy grabbed a shotgun from a closet Wednesday, walked out on his porch and fired at a firehouse across the street, hitting a garage window and a roll-up door, police said. Though no one required medical treatment, the boy suffered two […]

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Apparently, I live under a rock.

Unbeknownst to me, consumers  are having extreme difficulties with GPay, formally known as GunPal.  Reportedly, many individuals have not received funds and their valid complaints go unanswered – if not ignored. For now, I removed the banner for GPay and can’t recommend the use of their service at this time. Found via David at RNS.

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Witty title not found.

Grandma Packing Rat told me that I will be financially taken care of for the rest of my life and could buy all the guns I want.  True story.  She also has dementia.  Attorney-in-Fact is in full effect. P.S.  She’s prescribed fentanyl, and hydromorphone as needed, via physician’s orders under hospice care.

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Visual innuendo

From a Twitter entry I wrote several weeks ago. “I look at the trigger finger in photos with guns. It’s a like a secret handshake. There are some who are in the know, and some who aren’t.” It’s obvious that she isn’t, but… ht SayUncle.

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Dealing with “extreme violence.”

A 10 year old boy allegedly attacked a 29 year old woman to defend his mother and “will likely face a felony assault charge in juvenile court”.  “Police believe the victim, 29-year old Tishnell Davis, got into a physical altercation with the boy’s mother and the boy picked up the knife to defend her.” “Even […]

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