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Videos I have made or found out of interest.

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Dora the Slayer

Can you count the bad guys? h/t SMOSH

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Survival, Mindset, Living the Dream

Travis Haley discusses what he uses to stuff his go bag, or survival kit.

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Jani Lane

Bummer.  RIP.

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10mm Love

Some education on the 10mm cartridge.  I love the gentleman’s enthusiasm! Check out WeaponsEducation on youtube; make sure you subscribe.

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Armed Response Video Training

Ralph Mroz provided me his Armed Response 3-DVD training set which includes: Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting, Tactics and Techniques for Defensive Shooting, and Dynamic Drills for Defensive Shooting. I’m only through the first few minutes of the Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting video, but this Ken Hackathorn-ish quote alone made it immediately post worthy: The Definition […]

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Good Cop

New to me.  Totally different reaction compared to the Ohio cop. Still have a thing against unloaded open carry if one hasn’t applied for a CCW…

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Arredondo Magazine Extension Kit Test

Fed about 40 rounds through the magazine using Prvi 180 gr. JHP 10mm cartridges.  Ran well, no complaints.  That small bit at the end stating, “anything else,” is a product of poor word choice.  

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John Stewart on ATF’s FF Operation

At least a whole ‘nother demographic can start to recognize ATF’s stupidity. Link to Hulu.

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Arredondo Magazine Extension Kit

Suggested to me by ebzona, I bought a magazine extension kit for the GLOCK 29SF.  Extended the standard capacity magazine by 5; a total of 20 10mm rounds.  Muhaha.

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DIY Weaponry by Libyan Rebels

Pretty flippin’ cool for scrapyard weaponry.

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More Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge 2011 Coverage

Video coverage from CS Tactical. If you haven’t seen the photos I took, please view them here. TAD Gear also posted some awesome photos on Facebook. Northern California Practical Precision Rifle Club took photos, too.

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Man gave life protecting wife in tornado.

H/T The Art of Manliness.

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Achievement Unlocked

Video displays acts of sodomy by pigs.

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Epic Meal Time

Yeah.  Pretty :caw: epic.

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The Great Outdoors

Looking for a new tripod.  The hiking/outdoor bug has bit me again. H/T:  TAD Gear.

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Self-Defense Against Guns. Use an Automobile.

“The constitution gives them the right to run over them with their car…” Wow.

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A Legacy of Injustice

The California “Assault Weapons” Control Act 20 Years Later This video features Matthew Corwin, a US Army veteran, who was wrongly accused of manufacturing/possessing assault weapons under California law.  With the generosity of the firearms community, we managed help pay for some of his legal defense costs following the dismissal of his case. Since, Californian […]

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Magazine loader/rotator

Mike Cecil of CSTactical forwarded me this video of an awesome magazine loader/rotator tool.  Created by Three Point Innovation, the tool is a three piece device that can load ammunition from the rack or box.  You may even rotate ammunition from magazine to magazine, but I’ve read that good magazine springs don’t fatigue.  Thoughts?

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Holiday Zombie Tips

Late, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Pie baking, ass kicking woman FTW.  Tip 4 = serious business.

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Woman’s thoughts on Carrying Concealed

Minus the youtube banner, discussion of firearms and the woman’s unzipped pants, it’s work safe.  On the other hand, if you get in trouble for this kind stuff at your establishment of employment , you shouldn’t be here – yeah? H/T Geek Warrior.  Godspeed should he go missing.

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