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Covert Entry Concepts – Triple Aught Design’s CORE Program

Derek takes a lockpicking class in San Francisco through Triple Aught Design’s CORE program. He also gets cuffed and thrown inside a trunk.

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Extreme Close Quarters Concepts 2014, Re: Reflecting on Progress

Derek discusses his force-on-force training progress and reaffirms his greatest weakness is not in physical or firearms training, but verbal acumen.

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“Tactical” Jazz

Training has provided me a level of competency to shoot consistently well; well enough to safely respond to generic stimuli to execute a satisfactory shot for self-defense purposes from concealment. At least I like to think so. With some practice, it’s pretty darned easy to unholster a firearm from concealment. Speed, accuracy, and movement can […]

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Ruger LCR .357 Magnum QuickStrips Optimism.

A Reminder on Squib Loads

My impromptu camera narrative could use some work; however, the message is to know your gun and how it operates in all conditions — especially malfunctions.  For this drill, I was left with a blunt object or a throwing weapon.  Plan accordingly for catastrophic failures. Bullet was removed.  Upon inspection, gun wasn’t damaged.  It could […]

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Armed Response Video Training

Ralph Mroz provided me his Armed Response 3-DVD training set which includes: Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting, Tactics and Techniques for Defensive Shooting, and Dynamic Drills for Defensive Shooting. I’m only through the first few minutes of the Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting video, but this Ken Hackathorn-ish quote alone made it immediately post worthy: The Definition […]

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Sacramento Co. CA CCW Course AAR 7/23, 7/24

This is an attempt to get back into the swing of blogging.  New elements of life came into play and I just had to put the blog away for awhile.  Things are going well, though. This past weekend, Mike of CS Tactical and I instructed our first Sacramento Co. CA CCW course.  It’s been in […]

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Personal Security Checklist

Pretty cool list of tips to keep yourself safe and aware of your surroundings.   h/t Shenaniguns.

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Data Report on Stopping Power

Good read at DefensiveCarry.com on shots fired and percentage of incapacitation sorted by caliber. h/t ebzona.

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Training with Todd Green – AAR

Pistol-Training.com Get SOM (Shooting On the Move) + Speed Kills Sacramento, CA March 12-13 What it is: Get SOM (Shooting On the Move) is a fast-paced one day program devoted entirely to the fast and accurate operation of a handgun while moving. The class begins with fundamental techniques and progresses to topics such as changing […]

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Training Weekend with Todd Green

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Frenso County CCW + Women

Women who carry concealed in Fresno County, CA made the news.  Cool! HT: Girls❤ Guns.

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Appleseed Project Dec. 18-19th

Wet, cold and windy.  Still had fun.  Some notes: – I spent the weekend shooting an AR15 platform with a dedicated .22LR upper from Model 1 Sales without a malfunction.  Grouped well with Federal Champions.  I need to work on NPA.  I may want to try subsonic cartridges. – Instructors in training were a welcome […]

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I missed that class…

I suppose I do need to re-certify.  [The link is a Canadian marketing campaign for Fortnight Lingerie.] “Now that we’ve got you interested in learning CPR and the abdominal thrust, go get properly certified by taking a class through one of the many certifying authorities in your local area.”

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Warrior Dash – Zamora, CA

October 30th 2010.  Oh yeah.  I’m there!  I signed up for the wave at 1300 hours.  Anyone care to join? More burpees, bear crawls, burpees with pull ups and just straight running.  Yes!

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Gun Blogger Rendezvous 2010 and Nevada CCW

**Nevada CCW and LMS Defense Defensive Medicine classes** If you intend on traveling to Reno, NV for the 2010 Gun Blogger Rendezvous, be sure to make arrangements for the Nevada CCW course.  Mr. Completely appears to be coordinating a Utah CCW class; however, should you want to carry in Nevada, you must attend the 8-hour […]

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Training efficiently

LMS Defense instructor Mike Perez explains why a “dry fire routine is absolutely critical in weapons training; not only for keeping our skills sharp, but for taking our skills to the next level.” …a few short minutes a week can not only help maintain our skills but actually improve them. None of this is really […]

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Reminders of IFAKs

Every now and then, we’re reminded that we will bleed if/when we are shot.  Some folks think little about the ramifications if little or no action is executed when we leak. ToddG of pistol-training.com wrote about a recent self-inflicted gun shot wound by one of his students.  The primary lessons? * Accidents can happen to […]

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Stalking Bloggers?

Kathy Jackson, author of Cornered Cat, was on Gun Nuts Radio last week.  I missed it, so I listened to the show this evening.  Gosh, I missed another good one! Bloggers being stalked?  Relating to Caleb, I hadn’t thought of potentially being stalked.  I have nothing to worry about, right?  Hmm. Jackson mentioned that “stalking […]

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LMS Defense 1 Day Shotgun Clinic 11/30/2009

LMS Defense is pleased to announce a 1 Day Shotgun Clinic at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center to be held on Monday Nov. 30th. We will be using reactive steel targets for much of this course. The LMS Defense Shotgun Clinic is designed to provide the novice and experienced shooter with a fundamentals primer on […]

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New Shooter Video and Photographs

A couple of weeks ago, my friend’s significant other joined us for a range trip.  I introduced the gentleman to his first firearm in 2008.  This trip was his other half’s first.  Before she pulled the trigger for the first time, she related to me that she was scared.  I assured her that she can […]

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