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The stuff inside -- if you were curious.

Smart Carry, Under There – A Holster Review

I just made you say, “underwear.” Still alive.  Just keeping busy. I tried the KelTec P3AT in a DeSantis for a day in my dress slacks. I’m a tiny dude with sumo thighs; outside of shorts and other casual clothes, it doesn’t work well. The Smart Carry I have is white, and it appears they […]

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Chicks dig guys that sew…

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US Survival – MOLLE Butt-Stock Platform

  The Review The Follow Up Scoping the Henry Shooting the Scope Henry Scoping the Henry US Survival Rifle – Part 2 Now with PPM pouch to store scope! After several attempts to make a real pouch, I decided to take advantage of the MOLLE platform that’s out there. I plan on using a triple […]

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