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Kryptek Sample

SHOT Show 2012 Day 3 – Synopsis

Media Day 2012 – Synopsis SHOT Show 2012 – Day 1 Synopsis SHOT Show 2012 – Day 2 Synopsis SHOT SHOW 2012 – Day 4   Leatherman – OneHandTool and Style PS The Leatherman OHT (One Hand Tool) is a new release this year. MSRP $80-ish released around the 3rd quarter. MOLLE sheath will be […]

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Possible Army Pattern

SHOT Show 2012 – Crye, Kryptek, ADS/Guy Cramer

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Sig Sauer

SHOT Show 2012 – Sig Sauer Boom Sticks

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Kahr PM/CM

SHOT Show 2012 – Kahr/Magnum Research

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Brownells T Dot

SHOT Show 2012 – Brownells’ Halographic T-Dot

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ZEV Technologies

SHOT Show 2012 – ZEV Technologies

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DKX Armor Plates

SHOT Show 2012 – Day 2 Synopsis

Media Day 2012 – Synopsis SHOT Show 2012 – Day 1 Synopsis SHOT Show 2013 – Day 3 Synopsis SHOT SHOW 2012 – Day 4 For more photos, click on the the header links.  If you made it here from an outside link and are new, please consider subscribing to the RSS feed. Wild West […]

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H Gerstner & Sons, Heirloom

SHOT Show 2012 – H. Gerstner & Sons, Heirloom Boxes

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SHOT Show 2012 – Day 1 Synopsis

Coonan Inc. – .357 Magnum Automatic In a classic 1911 style, Coonan Inc. is manufacturing a gun not meant for the first time shooter.  The steel pistol is capable of using .38 special and .357 magnum, with a magazine capacity of 7 rounds. Coonan Inc. has a variety of colors the firearm may be coated […]

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Thompson Center Dimension Case/Kit

SHOT Show 2012 – Thompson Center Dimension

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Colt LE901

SHOT Show 2012 – Colt LE901

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Kel Tec

Kel Tec – .300 BLK, 12GA, .308 WIN

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Tactical Solutions

Tactical Solutions – Magazine Loader and Ruger 10/22 Rifle Stocks

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Coonan .357 Magnum 1911

Coonan Inc. – .357 Magnum Automatic

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Media Day 2012

Media Day 2012 – Synopsis

Media Day consisted of meeting bloggers and other media folks.  Guns, for the most part, were secondary.  Ruger released their SR22, KRISS their Sphinx, and many other manufactures had other models – several of which can be discussed throughout the week.  For whatever odd reason, I thought Coonan Firearms was going to be at Media […]

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Cabot Guns

Media Day 2012 – Cabot Guns

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SHOT Show 2012 – Arrival

Uneventful arrival in Las Vegas, NV.  Met up with the crew at CS Tactical and had some dinner at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. For the past two years, I’ve running my SHOT Show coverage solo, but you’ll see a new face this year.   More or so, Matt will be behind the camera, hopefully providing better opportunities […]

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