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His two little piggies went KABOOM

Reloading – very serious stuff.  No joke.  Double check your cases for double charges or no charges before seating those bullets. Check out the discussion at http://www.levergunscommunity.com.

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Getting ahead of myself…

…and my wallet. I couldn’t wait to find a used powder scale, so a week ago I ordered the necessary supplies from Graf’s.  “Planning” ahead, I purchased the RCBS .308 competition dies.  The feature to adjust bullet seating through minor adjustments and being able to drop the bullet from the top seems like a pretty […]

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First One-Hundred

.45 ACP load: .452″ Silver State SWC 4.1 gr. of Red Dot OAL @ 1.253″ Winchester primers

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.45 ACP Duds

Couldn’t sleep, so I decided to adjust my .45 ACP dies.  I played around with the expander and seater dies, getting them at the right spot.  I put to use what I learned from The ABCs of Reloading and experimented a little bit to experience what each adjustment does. I was having bit of a […]

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Skimping on Tools?

Two things: 1.  I’m sorry to those who have requested measurements on certain firearms and seem to fall on deaf ears.  I was close (several times) to getting a $15 digital caliper from OSH, but I couldn’t stomach paying for an inexpensive, “precise” instrument when I have been reading otherwise. 2.  Those who have requested […]

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Unintended Purchases

I intended to wait until I bought a caliper and scale, but I couldn’t help myself when I visited Sportsman’s Warehouse.  My wallet hurts, but my pistols will be happy later down the road.  The sad thing is that I don’t even remember my original purpose being there.  I was like a moth flying into […]

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Mike makes it look easy…

… so I’ve convinced myself to seriously look into casting.  I suppose I should start visiting my local tire shops for lead weights. I remain on the look out for a good scale and caliper.  I think I just missed a good deal on a used one – hopefully another one will pop up. The […]

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I just bolted down the Rock Chucker on my bench in lieu of cleaning duty.  I don’t have any components to actually load any .38 with, but I decided to try it out.  One box of dies was marked .38 special; I gave that a try.  It was difficult to get the case inside the […]

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RCBS Rock Chucker

My uncle was kind enough to lend me his RCBS Rock Chucker.  I have dies for .38 special, .357 magnum and .44.  It looks like I have a majority of the components to get started.  Things like a scale, calipers, bench, etc. will likely be ordered soon.  This is a great start.

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