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Consider Reassessing your Training Paradigm

I came across an article written by Aaron Cowan at Moderno that really described a shift in my training paradigm three years ago.  Cowan writes, “All things considered, the case for a sedentary life or simply practicing the gun and not strengthening the body is not just weak, it’s effectively dead.” It’s particularly intriguing when […]

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Garage Door Opener Install

Derek does the smart thing and installs an automatic garage door opener, solo.

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This post was written at a hotel bar.

Derek’s inebriated thoughts on social value, with SF edition stalker photos.

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Disney Paperman 2013

Paperman (Video)

Aside from the gorgeous animation, I thought the music and sound were quite effective.

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Las Vegas Girl Woman Spotlight

More Photos From Las Vegas/SHOT Show 2013

Derek’s “stalker” photos from Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas Street 2013

Random Vegas Photos

Derek discovers black & white photos make crappy photos look better.

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I only took this photo because it looked like it was giving the two handed birdies.

Phoenix, AZ January 2013

Derek visits an indigenous American people museum.

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Las Vegas, NV

This post has no direction.

Derek writes about nonsense.

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Reset with Nature

After a year long hiatus from blogging, and sparse photography, hiking, and all other things I consider fun, I needed a pseudo-reset with nature. Notwithstanding personal fulfillment, the absence of nature was noticeably affecting my mood.  Lesson learned to not avoid taking personal outdoor day trips every now and then.  Work/life balance – right? Visited […]

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Ruger SR22 – New Pistol Impression

Among the firearms I took out recently was a Ruger SR22. If you recall, I posted a short disassembly video of the SR22 from SHOT Show 2012. I finally purchased one this week. Probably my first new handgun purchase in awhile. First several rounds seem to have POI consistency issues; however, after about 100 rounds, […]

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Spring Pizza

Spring Pizza.  It’s fall.  Don’t care.  Used a wheat/white flour mix for the dough.

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I relocated: – Moved all of my junk. – Planted a Trident Maple and two Shangtung Maple trees. – Had vinyl plank flooring installed.  Stripped and reinstalled floor boards. – Bought a new bed (so damn comfortable). – Installed new door knobs, strike plates and deadbolts (ASSA brand). – Installed pendant light with three-way switches. […]

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Avocado, pico de gallo, and eggs.

Breakfast, Dinner, and Cherry Bourbon Spritzer

3/4 cups of dark brown sugar. 2 cups of fresh, whole cherries 1 cup of bourbon I recommend dissolving the brown sugar in small quantities of bourbon, as opposed to the entire cup. Unsubstantiated, or otherwise, I was concerned about alcohol evaporating too much.  Last minute, I decided to pit and crush the cherries.  Pulling […]

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“Tactical” Jazz

Training has provided me a level of competency to shoot consistently well; well enough to safely respond to generic stimuli to execute a satisfactory shot for self-defense purposes from concealment. At least I like to think so. With some practice, it’s pretty darned easy to unholster a firearm from concealment. Speed, accuracy, and movement can […]

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I used to enjoy cleaning my firearms, but then a took an arrow to the knee. Don’t shoot me in the knee; I know this/that meme is old (Internet time). If you’re a new gun owner, or have few firearms, cleaning firearms post range-time isn’t an issue. For some, it’s an enjoyable experience. Then there […]

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one hand revolver reload

One Hand Revolver Reload

Yay! The sun was out, and so was I. Went to the range and did more revolver work based on Southnarc’s PDF on the snubbie.  Watching the video, my biggest challenge will be maintaining movement and scanning my surroundings for possible threats. I can already hear the folks crying, “MOOOON CLIPPPPS!”

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Hollowed Apple with Vanilla Ice Cream and Bacon Bits, Drizzled with Caramel Sauce

No shooting today — too sissy to hang out in the rain.  Just imagine my regret when the sun came out.  That’s ok;  I still have bacon. Lady Pirate post inspired creation. Just add bacon. Caramel: – Brown 1 1/4 cup granulated sugar – 3/4 cup water – 1 cup heavy cream – 2 tbs […]

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Table Mountain – Oroville, CA. Flag/Phantom Falls

We were really itching for a day hike, so we went to Table Mountain – rain or shine. Flag Falls is located another 1.5 miles from Phantom Falls, hiking on familiar ground. I still managed to punch in the wrong GPS coordinates; we were off 1 mile north west of our intended mark. I will […]

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Screen shot 2012-03-24 at 10.18.28 PM

Range Day and Suppressors in CA

The .22LRs were Remington subsonic rounds. Sounds like a sewing machine.

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TRP at Wrigley Field.

Operation: TPR USA – Chicago, IL

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