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Las Vegas Girl Woman Spotlight

More Photos From Las Vegas/SHOT Show 2013

Derek’s “stalker” photos from Las Vegas.

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I only took this photo because it looked like it was giving the two handed birdies.

Phoenix, AZ January 2013

Derek visits an indigenous American people museum.

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Triple Aught Design – Third St. Sale 2011

Derek visits Triple Aught Design Headquarters in San Francisco, CA for the Dogpatch Third St. Sale. He didn’t buy anything on sale, but he’s OK with that.

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IMGP8959 copy

Visiting Hoover Dam

Visited Arizona first.  Had a blast.  Met several nice folk, and hope to introduce the blog through an outdoor journal in the near future. After driving through Hoover Dam at least four times, I finally stopped by to check it out.  Wanted the full tour (includes the space inside the dam), but had to settle […]

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Lessons forgotten and remembered

*Originally published on October 12, 2010.* Checked out Curtain Falls in Oroville, CA.  Probably one of the more difficult short hikes I’ve been on.  I thought Bear Creek and Traverse Falls were difficult.  The killer was the swimming, bouldering throughout the day and a 1600 ft. climb at the end.  I learned several lessons through […]

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Signs of Invasion

Space Invaders!

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Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge 2011 – Sacramento, CA

Team Blaster Member – Tony G. Jacob D. finished 8th. I was only able to attend day one of the 2011 TBRC, but the following are my photos of the match.  CS Tactical has the final results and more photos should be made available by others who were there. TBRC is a bolt action rifle […]

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Airplane Crash on the Local News

That fellow camper who found the remains of a plane wreckage is on the news.

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In the desert you can remember your name…

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Cats, mold, urine, etc.

Visited a senior couple this afternoon.  House smelled of urine and mold.  You can hear flies buzz across the room.  Refrigerator contents were of rotten take-out meals and other moldy foods.  I also observed an assortment of pickled food throughout the house. I noted at least five cats on the property.  Reportedly, there are more […]

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Hanging out at Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park

I made a boo boo scheduling my client visits this afternoon.  To burn time, I visited Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park.  I drive by it often, but never actually checked it out. In 1848, James W. Marshall discovered gold on the South Fork of the American River, California.

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Eureka, CA

After a botched trip to Chico, CA for work, I went to Eureka, CA.  I traveled through 299; came back home on the 101, then through 20.  Wonderful drive!  I was fortunate that that weather was cooperative and the ride was relatively pain free! While in Eureka, I visited the Blue Ox Millworks.  Blue Ox […]

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Horay for rocks!

A very unique crack in my windshield.  Does it resemble anything you folks are familiar with?

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Returning to the Motherland

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SHOT Show 2011 – Day 3

SHOT Show 2011 – LaRue Tactical’s Optimized Battle Rifle SHOT Show 2011 – Troy Industries/Viking Tactics SHOT Show 2011 – Spyderco SHOT Show 2011 – Original SOE Gear SHOT Show 2011 – Woolpower SHOT Show 2011 – Nemesis Arms SHOT Show 2011 – United Sportsman’s Youth Foundation SHOT Show 2011 – POF-USA SHOT Show 2011 […]

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SHOT Show 2011 – Day 2

Sig Sauer P290. S&W M&P .22LR LokSak Kimber Solo Carry More from Louder Than Words Springfield XDm SHOT SHOW 2011 Day 1 SHOW Show 2011 Media Day

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SHOT Show 2011 – Day 1

Be sure to add The Packing Rat to your twitter page and become a fan on facebook to receive exclusive updates throughout the day from SHOT Show 2011. Rick from Young Manufacturing describing the ICE-15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpxCc9JSEkY Quick links to Day 1 visits: Kifaru International Tactical Solutions/Black Dog Machine Kel-Tec KSG Ruger 22/45 with replaceable grips […]

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SHOT Show 2011 – Ruger 22/45

Last year, I was expecting a new 22/45 with replaceable grips.  Though I was disappointed then, I am quite satisfied this year with the release of Ruger‘s RP models.  Though they are replaceable, I doubt they can be swapped without minor modification.  Still cool, nonetheless.

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SHOT Show 2011 – Kel-Tec KSG

Expect to pay no more than $880 [MSRP] for the KSG shotgun.  Chambered for 12 ga. 2 3/4″ car shells and a barrel length of 18.5″, this shotgun can carry up to 14+1 distributed between two magazine tubes that can be switch with the thumb toward the rear of the firearm.  It only weights about […]

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