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A Nobel for the Dreamers

Encourage initiatives rather than honor results.  Great.  Just what we need.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised… Promote Marxism.  Hate the United States.  Win a prize.

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Search word of the day is…

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303,000 Hits Found Scared

o rly?  srsly? LOL  I’ve got to admit that I am extremely terrified of Chinese people too.  They’re trying to kill us, after all!

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C’mon… Really?

Wed Jul 2, 7:50 PM ET In this photo released by the official Xinhua news agency, members of China’s armed police demonstrate a rapid deployment during an anti-terrorist drill held in Jinan, east China, on Wednesday July 2, 2008, roughly one month ahead of the Beijing Olympic Games. (AP Photo/Xinhua/Fan Changguo) Maybe I’m a skeptic, […]

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