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SHOT Show 2015 – Overall

Purpose accomplished. I didn’t catch the SHOT Show crud, had a good time, good food, and hung out with some great folks. While nothing in particular excited me, there were several products that caught my eye. For the last several years, Next Level Training only offered a Shot Indicating Resetting Pistol resembling a Glock 17.  However, in […]

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SHOT Show NSSF Vegas

SHOT Show 2015 Preparation

Preparation for SHOT Show?  That’s funny. I just know I’ll be there Sunday through Wednesday attending Industry Day (Yes.  I’m surprised, too), take some photos, and reunite with some friends.  Just have fun.  I’ll be back at work the next day.  Woo. I’ve read about most of the rumors and anticipate it will be relatively […]

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Fresh Chicken

Of the sexed Ameraucana chicks I purchased, one was rooster.  I had an some idea when its tail feathers were longer than the other and a prominent saddle at 14 weeks, but all doubt was removed when I heard his announcement of the sun’s arrival, and continued the celebration throughout the day. The rooster had to […]

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Spring Pizza

Spring Pizza.  It’s fall.  Don’t care.  Used a wheat/white flour mix for the dough.

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Avocado, pico de gallo, and eggs.

Breakfast, Dinner, and Cherry Bourbon Spritzer

3/4 cups of dark brown sugar. 2 cups of fresh, whole cherries 1 cup of bourbon I recommend dissolving the brown sugar in small quantities of bourbon, as opposed to the entire cup. Unsubstantiated, or otherwise, I was concerned about alcohol evaporating too much.  Last minute, I decided to pit and crush the cherries.  Pulling […]

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ITS TacticaL and Triple Aught Design Event 2012

Triple Aught Design and ITS Tactical Ice Cream Social/SkillCom

If you were at the races, San Francisco pride, or just elsewhere all together, then you weren’t at the Triple Aught Design and Imminent Threat Solutions Tactical social event this past weekend. Even without a TAD sale, the turn out was quite impressive. If you’re not familiar with ITS Tactical, it’s a rich source of […]

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George Foreman Grill Chicken and Pico with broccoli

George Foreman Strikes Again!

Grilled chicken breast (skin intact) covered with olive oil, Mrs. Dash and cayenne pepper; topped off with fresh pico de gallo. Steamed broccoli topped with Parmesan cheese.

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Hollowed Apple with Vanilla Ice Cream and Bacon Bits, Drizzled with Caramel Sauce

No shooting today — too sissy to hang out in the rain.  Just imagine my regret when the sun came out.  That’s ok;  I still have bacon. Lady Pirate post inspired creation. Just add bacon. Caramel: – Brown 1 1/4 cup granulated sugar – 3/4 cup water – 1 cup heavy cream – 2 tbs […]

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TPR Sightings Page

Just created a new page, “TPR Sightings,” with links and photos of folks with their The Packing Rat gear; we’re all “packing rats” of guns, gear and grub.  Check it out at the tab located above!  Are you a TPR fan?  Get your patch (via PayPal)!  Folks can send MO, or personal checks, but should […]

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Baked pork chops, asparagus, Yukon mashed potatoes.

Dinner with The Packing Rat

Derek cooks and takes photos.

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SHOT Show 2012 – Arrival

Uneventful arrival in Las Vegas, NV.  Met up with the crew at CS Tactical and had some dinner at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. For the past two years, I’ve running my SHOT Show coverage solo, but you’ll see a new face this year.   More or so, Matt will be behind the camera, hopefully providing better opportunities […]

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Ahi Tuna

I was thinking about this all day long.

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Quick Quesadillas

Turkey quesadillas with cheddar cheese and red onion soaked in balsamic vinegar.

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Spicy Chicken “Stir Fry”

Olive oil, garlic, ginger, chicken breast, Sambal sauce, soy sauce, frozen mixed vegetables, and 15 minutes.

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Even if you're a novice in the kitchen, you can finish this under 40 minutes -- including "prep" time.

Inside-Out Lasagna

Give the inside-out lasagna a try instead of the frozen lasagna you might have sitting in the freezer. Faster, healthier, and not all that difficult to cook.

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Weekend Update

Last weekend was go time to roll out the Sacramento Co. CCW class, so I spent little time doing anything else.  It was a great experience, but didn’t leave a lot of room for other fun things – like the CA State Fair and cooking. I perceive the fair lost it’s appeal long ago, but […]

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Sweet Banana Soup

Had a few riped bananas so I made sweet banana soup.  Not bad.  I added a tablespoon brown sugar and a dash of all spice.  I probably should have had some restraint until I tasted the original recipe, but it was satisfactory nonetheless.

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Melted cheese goodness.

Burger Stuff

Just using the left over ingredients from the beef and rice stuffed peppers.  1:1 of ground beef and Italian sausage, Italian parsley, garlic, oatmeal, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper.  Jack pepper cheese and mushrooms. It was okay.  If I had onions, I would have added that, too.   Maybe use less Italian sausage, or just stick […]

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Beef and Rice Stuffed Peppers

Can’t tell you how tasty this is at the moment, because I’m full from snacking on other foods that didn’t need preparation.  I’ll find out tomorrow for lunch.  It smells delicious though. Recipe from Food Wishes. In other news, Osama bin Laden is dead.  How awesome is that?

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Ground Beef & Bacon Mac & Cheese

1lbs. of elbow noodles, 1 lbs. sharp cheddar cheese, 1.5 lbs. bacon [1 lbs. on top in strips], Panko bread soaked in bacon grease. This is quite tame compared to Epic Meal Time; however, it’s still a horrible influence.

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