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Lessons forgotten and remembered

*Originally published on October 12, 2010.* Checked out Curtain Falls in Oroville, CA.  Probably one of the more difficult short hikes I’ve been on.  I thought Bear Creek and Traverse Falls were difficult.  The killer was the swimming, bouldering throughout the day and a 1600 ft. climb at the end.  I learned several lessons through […]

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MagPul Industries – iPhone Case

Now available for the iPhone® 3, 3GS and iPhone® 4. If only they only stopped dicking around make AK and Saiga 12 magazines… haha. Made from the same semi-rigid polymer as the original Magpul magazine loop, these simple cases offer basic protection for your iPhone in the field.  Both models feature a slimline design to […]

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Compound Bow

Hanging out with a few friends in Lake Havasu City, AZ, we threw some lead and arrows.  65 lbs compound bow with a cool archery trigger release.  I don’t think I’ve shot a compound bow since I was 12.  Brought back some fond memories. Hm…

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Test post for the Android

Getting used to technology is no easy feat.  At least the key board seems to work out nicely.   I might be able to blog for SHOT Show from the floor.  Instant coverage bonus.

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Scrap Yard Scrapper 5 LE

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What I’ll be doing after work tomorrow…

Alcohol penny stove.  Who wants to drink the beer? For full tutorial, click here.

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Tacticool Nonsense

I’m sure with 15 minutes of battery life, I’ll have my fun’s worth. Find out more at http://www.wickedlasers.com. Goodness, their lasers are strong… And look at their Photonic Disrupter! I wouldn’t want that in my eye…

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