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Christmas Themed Parties

Bouncing some ideas around with CS Tactical, I thought it would be cool to run an event called, Silent Night, Hole-ly Dynamite©.  It’d be the Christmas party any gunnie wouldn’t mind being dragged to!

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Costa, p.i.

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Important Life Lessons

The Oatmeal illustrates what should be taught in senior year of high school.  Some people seriously suck at loading the dishwasher. h/t Meghan.

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Sons of Guns Switcharoo

I don’t have cable, so I don’t watch Sons of Guns.  Probably could catch it online, but meh. I have other folks to relate to me what’s on TV.  According to several sources, ENDO Tactical in particular,  a switcharoo occurs on the set of Sons of Guns – a Beretta  M92 for a Magnum Research […]

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Facebook is serious business.

They won’t have it.

Calguns, et al. attempted to reach out to  Legal Community Against Violence for civil debate, at the very least, a discussion on how to better our communities. All contributors were either banned or their comments deleted.  How unfortunate.  Mine didn’t last long, either.  

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T-800 on Twitter

Furious Fanboys argue that this is the best twitter account.

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Politician Rx

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That’s the plan!

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Signs of Invasion

Space Invaders!

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John Stewart on ATF’s FF Operation

At least a whole ‘nother demographic can start to recognize ATF’s stupidity. Link to Hulu.

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Operation Fast and Furious – On Facebook

My Gun Culture made a funny.

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I bang high profile chicks…

Outside the box thoughts on “good cause” in California.  So. Cal. folks… “You need to protect those girls [Paris Hilton].”  Link is an .mp4 file. EDIT:  I listened to his rant and share some of his concerns about the mob mentality on Calguns.net [that’s true with most large forum], but I’m still ROFL with the […]

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EDC Blades?

I received my first blade [not pictured] from my uncle. It was the Swiss Army Classic SD.  I remember being so proud of this new possession, I engraved my initials on it.  I didn’t wait long to take it to my 1st grade classroom to show it off to my classmates and was ignorant how […]

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Who needs three holsters?

This guy does.

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Condition 3

A forum dedicated to condition 3 carry aka Israeli Carry.  Each to their own, I suppose.

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Achievement Unlocked

Video displays acts of sodomy by pigs.

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Dirty Harry Potter

If Harry Potter carried a 1911.

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Skynet is going to end us all…

I think I’ll go carve “NO FATE” in some picnic table before I get blown away. Terminator Wiki states, As a result of temporal interference by Sarah Connor, her son John, Miles Dyson, and the T-800[2] destroying Cyberdyne headquarters and all backups of the research in 1995, the date for Judgment day is moved back […]

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Reconnaissance Rats

Original Combat Cock inspired.  The Packing Rat’s prototype Reconnaissance Rats.

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All My Friends Are Dead

A picture book for us morbid ones.

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