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2014-2015 EDC Set-up

Derek uses a pocket protector.

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Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 1.05.30 PM

Extreme Close Quarters Concepts 2014, Re: Reflecting on Progress

Derek discusses his force-on-force training progress and reaffirms his greatest weakness is not in physical or firearms training, but verbal acumen.

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“This is for fighting. This is for fun.”

Derek buys another P3AT and observes some changes.

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Glock 42 – Preliminary thoughts

3rd quarter 2013, I was anticipating a single stack 9mm from GLOCK.  Imagine my disappointment when a retailer went live with their G42 accessories in December and leaked that it was a .380 ACP before GLOCK formally announced the release. GLOCK is a couple years behind, but I suppose no one was all that surprised.  […]

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Grizzly Targets

Derek shoots at a steel target from Grizzly Targets.

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Some thoughts on pocket carry.

Derek adds to MouseGunAddict’s thoughts on pocket carry pants.

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san francisco cupids bow

A post to keep you in the loop.

Derek, the moth, visits the lights of San Francisco. Didn’t get zapped.

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SHOT Show 2013 – Day 2

Turtle Skin Turtle Skin manufactures a variety of protective equipment: body armor, gloves, snake protection, etc.  The BladeTect shirt caught my eye initially.  It’s like a lightweight chain mail to minimize the threat against blades and sharp cuts.  It’s also breathable and appears/feels it would be comfortable to wear.  Also photographed below are Snake Gaiters, […]

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Magpul Bang Bus

SHOT Show 2013 – Day 1

Derek’s first day at SHOT Show 2013.

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xds 9mm

SHOT Show 2013 – Media Day

This is the coolest year I’ve encountered in Las Vegas, NV.  I must admit, however, I’m not a very good barometer to determine what cold really is. I was prepared, so I managed quite well.  Minus 33 Merino wool base layer, Ice Breaker Merino wool t-shirt, silk sock liner, Darned Tough Merino wool socks, Triple […]

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Ruger SR22 – New Pistol Impression

Among the firearms I took out recently was a Ruger SR22. If you recall, I posted a short disassembly video of the SR22 from SHOT Show 2012. I finally purchased one this week. Probably my first new handgun purchase in awhile. First several rounds seem to have POI consistency issues; however, after about 100 rounds, […]

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“Tactical” Jazz

Training has provided me a level of competency to shoot consistently well; well enough to safely respond to generic stimuli to execute a satisfactory shot for self-defense purposes from concealment. At least I like to think so. With some practice, it’s pretty darned easy to unholster a firearm from concealment. Speed, accuracy, and movement can […]

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I prefer to drift the pin in further to provide a semi-snug fit before driving the pin home.  It took me a few tries to get it to protrude appropriately.

APEX Tactical Specialties AEK Trigger Install

This afternoon, I stayed in and installed an AEK Trigger on Shenanigun’s Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm pistol.  Courtesy of APEX Tactical Specialties, the addition of the AEK trigger provides a reduction in pre-travel and over-travel resulting in a perception of an improved trigger pull.  This trigger may stand alone, or further enhance APEX Tactical […]

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I used to enjoy cleaning my firearms, but then a took an arrow to the knee. Don’t shoot me in the knee; I know this/that meme is old (Internet time). If you’re a new gun owner, or have few firearms, cleaning firearms post range-time isn’t an issue. For some, it’s an enjoyable experience. Then there […]

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one hand revolver reload

One Hand Revolver Reload

Yay! The sun was out, and so was I. Went to the range and did more revolver work based on Southnarc’s PDF on the snubbie.  Watching the video, my biggest challenge will be maintaining movement and scanning my surroundings for possible threats. I can already hear the folks crying, “MOOOON CLIPPPPS!”

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Screen shot 2012-03-24 at 10.18.28 PM

Range Day and Suppressors in CA

The .22LRs were Remington subsonic rounds. Sounds like a sewing machine.

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Photo from http://mooncliptool.com

Moon Clip Tool – A Speed Loader for your Speed Loader

As a gift, I purchased a Moon Clip Tool several months ago.  The Moon Clip Tool strips and loads moon clips! One arbor is provided for the caliber of your choice.  Extra arbors are $5.00 each.  Clint Walker, the gentleman behind the Moon Clip Tool, makes a quality product and ships out fast.  I may […]

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Ruger LCR .357 Magnum QuickStrips Optimism.

Rainy Day Revolver Training

The rainy days were bound to show up.  It’s been a wet week and it appears some drivers forget what it’s like operating their vehicle in not-so-sunny weather.  My commute home on Friday took 1 hour and 45 minutes as opposed to the normal 40 minutes. On rainy days, or most days for that matter, […]

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New Shooter – Spouse Mandated Training

A long time friend finally got the “go ahead” from the missus to purchase an appropriate handgun for personal protection in the home.  She acknowledged the old .22 LR Derringer won’t cut it. Same ol’ story:  I introduced him to a series of semi-automatics and revolvers.  Discussions concerning shotguns and rifles were brief.  I provided […]

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rat chuns reef north shore 2

Operation: TPR USA

One handmade rat constructed out of 1000D Cordura, filled with California calrose rice, will travel all over the USA.  Several folks have already volunteered to take photos of the rat at notable landmarks of their choice. The rat has quite an adventure ahead!  Stay tuned to see more photos of the TPR token traveling all […]

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