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“Why make a legal gun, illegal?”

That’s such a shitty/hypocritical catch phrase.  In 1989 when CA passed the Roberti-Roos List (CA Assault Weapons Ban), it was the government that made the guns illegal.  When the law was passed, the state was required to notify via commonly read newspapers, or PSA on TV – either of which rarely transpired.  People found out […]

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How Not To Post a Concealed Carry Video

Derek really wishes this guy takes a class from a reputable instructor.

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Safe Storage – CA Handgun Protection Agency – 2020

It’s been a busy week – and it’s not over.  Tomorrow, I get to do more fun stuff. In other matters, Joe Huffman posted a video where a new California agency makes an appearance.  I won’t say it can’t happen (In Calguns Foundation, I trust), but you never know.

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Tyler T-Grip

Adding bling to the Brazilian turd of a gun it is. My T-Grip arrived, unexpectedly, earlier this week.  It’s been so long I just assumed the check got lost in the mail, which I never bothered to confirm.  Yeah.  That was about 8 months ago. Hsoi:  My wait was longer than yours.  I was so […]

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