EDC 2016-2017

My method of carry since 2015 hasn’t changed a whole lot.  However, since switching over to the Sidecar Appendix rig, I haven’t had to worry about a horizontal magazine pouch.

Jean/shorts usually call for the following:

– Leatherman Skeletool
– Kahr PM9 with Lakeline metal magazine followers
– Flowfold billfold wallet
– Spyderco P’Kal
– ThruNite Ti3 EDC
ModuLoader Pocket Shield
– T.Rex Arms Sidecar Appendix Rig with Eidolon Tuckable Overhooks


At the office, I continue to wear a tailored two-piece suit.  I have the KelTec P3AT in a pocket with the Hedley pocket holster and a spare magazine, and a Leatherman Squirt PS4.  I have coin pockets sewn inside the left pant pocket where I have the P’Kal tucked inside, and the ThruNite clipped on the outside.


I’ve also learned since last year that a shallow pocket on the carry side allows the fabric to drape over the gun better.  If you wear dress trousers and want to pocket carry, you typically have the following options:

– Relaxed flat front:  Provides enough leg room to allow fabric to drape over, but proper can drastically vary.  Printing likely.

– Single/double pleated front:  Likely the preferred pant style, as it provides extra fabric.  Printing unlikely.

I prefer flat front trousers myself, and gone with a more tapered look.  I keep keys, wallet, phone, and Squirt in the jacket.  The P3AT, p’kal and ThuNite are typically the only objects in my pockets.  By hemming the pocket up an inch or so, the holster sits where there is more space to allow fabric to drape over.  In the photo below, you can see wallet.  I carry on my right.



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