Blue Force Gear Belt Pouches


You might recall when Blue Force Gear briefly introduced their new belt pouch line at SHOT Show 2015.  I was particularly interested in how the new design might be an improvement over the original Ten-Speed magazine pouch I was carrying.  Specifically, with the ULTRAcomp material folded over, and sewn into the elastic, it allowed more magazine to be inserted into the pouch.  Further the extra material at the opening provided some lining between the body and the object it held. Below are photos of the belt pouch (left) and original Ten-Speed Single Pistol Magazine Pouch (right) with an Off The Grid Concepts MKi holster using a Raven Concealment Eidolon overhook strut.

IMG_2197 IMG_2198

IMG_2199 IMG_2200

When I received a media package from Blue Force Gear, I was happy to see one of the pouches I intended to purchase anyway was included, along with a Double Pistol Magazine Belt Pouch, and a High-Rise M4 Belt Pouch.

IMG_2202 IMG_2203

Each pouch is a “multi-piece” kit, wherein an appropriately quantity and sized hook & loop, belt loop is included to accommodate belts up to 2″ wide when mounted horizontally.  For example, the Single Pistol Pouch includes one hook & loop strip; the High-Rise M4 Belt Pouch includes one hook & loop “H” piece, and the Double Pistol Magazine Belt Pouch comes with two hook & loop strips.

Behind the ULTRAcomp strap across the pouch is loop that keeps the belt loops system in place.  If you don’t remove the hook & loop from the pouch, as I have for the Single Pistol Magazine Belt Pouch, it is doubtful you will loose the hook & loop.

In any case, I’ve been using the Single Magazine Belt Pouch since March and have been pleased with it as a horizontal pouch.  As a result of the magazine sitting deeper into the pouch, I’ve had to modify my reload.  I slide my thumb across the belt line and dig it under the magazine.  With my finger indexing the bullet point, I pull out the magazine from the pouch.  With the original Ten-Speed, I was able to grip the magazine with my middle finger and thumb, while maintaining an index on the bullet point.

I’ve used the Double Magazine Belt Pouch sparingly on my tool belt since it lays relatively flat, but I’ll be happy to delegate it as a magazine pouch it’s intended to be when I’m out.


The pouches are fantastic as they take up little space, and sits relatively flat against the body.  Even more beneficial, they can be used to mount an assortment of items along the belt line.

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