Tools at the Ready

A Special Operations Equipment Micro Rig organizes your magazines, IFAK, etc. in an accessible and convenient manner.  Keeping the contents of a pant pocket or EDC bag in a similar fashion is just as desirable.  One should expect the same for tools.

A tool belt made a world of a difference when I worked on Project: Cooped Up.  Having the tools accessible as I moved around not only made the work more efficient, but more enjoyable.

I ended up with a McRose belt and bag and it turned out to be sufficient for my purpose.  I’ll probably be happier about the pockets when I eventually sew or rivet in some myself.  I regret not springing for an Occidental belt and bag.  I believe the pockets are better situated to keep individual tools up right consistently, and it didn’t hurt that they made good leather holsters, too.

McRose Tool Belt

My bag’s contents are:

  • Hammer
  • 25’ tape measure
  • Spring loaded center punch
  • 2 nail sets
  • Chalk line
  • Speed Square
  • Combo pry bar/nail puller
  • Lineman Pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Torpedo level
  • Carpenter pencil
  • Fixed-blade utility knives
  • Multi-bit screwdriver
  • Chisel
  • Tin snips

However, if I’m performing casual work around the house or in the yard, the Occidental Leather Pocket Caddy has been very handy.  With a dedicated combination screw driver, slip joint pliers, and a blade, it makes it really easy to stick the pouch in my back pocket, and go.  The larger pocket in the back is useful to occupy with situational necessary tool(s).  For example, I had the RJ45 and wire crimps with me when I was fishing RJ45 throughout my house.  Test probes, cable wire tester, wire cutters, etc. usually make an appearance.

If you work on projects at home and don’t have one alread, a tool belt may come in handy.

Occidental_Leather_Pocket_Caddy_3 Occidental_Leather_Pocket_Caddy_2 Occidental_Leather_Pocket_Caddy_1

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One Comment on “Tools at the Ready”

  1. May 22, 2015 at 9:02 am #

    Great list of tools people should have on them – all of these are useful. I’m a little embarrassed to admit there has been times I’ve needed something like some pliers and just didn’t have them on hand. Thanks for sharing what you carry with you!

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