2014-2015 EDC Set-up

I had a renewed interest to take a look at what I was carrying, and how I was carrying when I picked up a Raven Concealment/MTDS ModuLoader Pocket Shield while attending Paul-E-Palooza 2014 in Middle-no-fucking-where, OH.

The event itself was a smorgasbord of topics ranging from physical fitness to using a .22 as a defensive firearm in the home, and quite interesting.  The interdisciplinary collaboration was refreshing, and really captured Paul Gomez’s spirit as a super-connector of some of the most interesting instructors we may know today.

In any case, when I returned from Ohio, I initially put the Pocket Shield aside in a pile:  Things I will look at later.

It wasn’t until late November I started to play around with it.

A majority of my day is spent at an office with dress trousers, shirt, and jacket.  I usually carry the P3AT in the right, and an assortment of crap in my left: phone, wallet, extra magazine.  In the back right pocket is a Leatherman Skeletool which is the only clip someone might see.  I used to carry a Preon 2 in the left pocket, but I kept activating the light.  I used to just carry the light in my bag.

Eventually, I finally sat down to determine how I would use the Pocket Shield to resolve a few issues.  The Pocket Shield is one of those things you don’t think will help, but it does.  Below is a photo of the Flowfold wallet, Preon 1, iPhone 5s, Hedley pocket magazine pouch, and a Spyderco P’Kal.


I made an attempt at making a smaller magazine pouch that worked moderately well.  It’s certainly not as low profile as the Blue Force Ten-Speed magazine pouch, but it doesn’t swallow the tiny .380 ACP magazine either.


I after some testing here and there, I ended up with the configuration in my left pocket below.  I can’t carry my personal phone in the same pocket without it being too conspicuous, so that will stay in the jacket for now.


Otherwise, I can carry more what I want in an organized manner in a non-permissive environment.


On other days, the Blue Force Ten-Speed magazine pouch for the Kahr PM9 worked well, too.


However, I ended up with the magazine pouch threaded horizontally on a 1.5″ belt.  Photographed below is a Dale Fricke Jonathan Deep Concealment AWIB holster. In my left pocket is the Pocket Shield, which also works well with jeans sans obvious pocket clips.  Concerning the magazine pouch, I prefer this set up over the Joab.



I’ll eventually play with Kydex to discover what may, or may not increase capacity/configuration.  Dark Star Gear makes a pretty cool holster for the Pocket Shield if you’re interested.  VinjaBond and MTDS have some great photos of various setups.


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