Glock 42 – Preliminary thoughts

3rd quarter 2013, I was anticipating a single stack 9mm from GLOCK.  Imagine my disappointment when a retailer went live with their G42 accessories in December and leaked that it was a .380 ACP before GLOCK formally announced the release.

GLOCK is a couple years behind, but I suppose no one was all that surprised.  I wrote off the 42 citing it’s much a larger pistol compared to other .380 ACP models.

I cast aside my disinterest when the California legislature decided to do away with our CA single-shot exemption.  Nothing initiates firearm commerce better than our concern that it will go away in two weeks.  I figured if I didn’t like it, I could sell it on Calguns at a 25% markup after January 1, 2015.

It’s rather cute pistol – for a GLOCK.  Though not as small as the Keltec p3AT, it certainly fits better in the hand.



Despite the likable lines, and comfort, it’s still a .380.  I only carry the Kel-Tec P3AT because it’s small and fits inside the pocket with a good holster, but only with appropriate ammunition.  By appropriate, I mean Buffalo Bore “+p” cartridges, alternating between flat nose 95 gr. and hollow point 90 gr.  Further, “appropriate” doesn’t translate in to comfortable.


I understand the G42 initially had issues with high pressure cartridges and slide lock up, particularly Buffalo Bore as Hickok45 demonstrated.  Buffalo Bore provided a fair response, implying it may be an issue with the slide release spring or depth of the slide lock detent.

Throughout 2014, it appears GLOCK made a few modifications since the 42’s initial release.  A rather comprehensive description of the first few changes can be reviewed at LooseRounds.  My particular model 42 has the new modifications, including the frame stamped with “2” with a test fire date 7/25/14.


I’ve shot the G42 with various ammunition brands: Buffao Bore, Freedom Munitions, Remington, and Winchester.  I have yet to have a malfunction, including the issue Hickok45 observed.  It appears the modifications GLOCK made to the G42 has resolved the issue(s).  More notable, shooting the G42 with Buffalo Bore “+p” is actually a rather fulfilling experience – like shooting +p cartridges out of a G19.  Not one that induces a wince.  I would like to perform a gelatin test using the 95 gr and 90 gr “+p” rounds.  It seems since February, little has been explored citing the malfunctions in prior versions, or the SAAMI standard Buffalo Bore cartridges were sufficient.


I also explored a couple of magazine grip extensions.  The Glock OEM extension on left, Pearce on right.  In lieu of the GLOCK logo, you get stippling with the Pearce grip extensions.  At this time, I do not have a preference for one or the other.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m still anticipating a single stack 9mm for 2015.  Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy the smallest GLOCK made yet but it likely won’t make it in my carry rotation.

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