Fresh Chicken

Of the sexed Ameraucana chicks I purchased, one was rooster.  I had an some idea when its tail feathers were longer than the other and a prominent saddle at 14 weeks, but all doubt was removed when I heard his announcement of the sun’s arrival, and continued the celebration throughout the day.

The rooster had to go.  I wasn’t expecting to cull any of the chickens this early, but I had a plan – just in case.  I found two videos that were extremely helpful.  One can be described as technical.  The other, wholesome.

To end a creature you raised almost from the beginning was unique.  I opted to let the rooster rest at my lap until it calmed down.  After saying a few words of thanks, and an apology, I sliced it’s neck with a freshly honed cleaver, and allowed him to bleed into a bucket lined with a black trash bag.  As the bird’s  last wiggle left its body, I broke the neck with a nimble flick of my wrist.


De-feathering, and gutting the carcass was straight-forward.  I wouldn’t have been as successful without watching the videos.  I let the chicken rest overnight, and had the best chicken I ever had in a long time.  Thomas Keller’s version was a hit.

image3  image1

I intend to raise some broiler chickens next year.  Maybe some Freedom Rangers  I’m really looking forward to the fresh, delicious meat.

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