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san francisco bay lights

Like a moth to a Coleman propane lantern, I was compelled to visit The Bay Lights art display that went live on March 5th. The blinking 25,000 LEDs are reportedly programed to created a never repeating pattern though March 5, 2015.  Though no tax dollars were spent on the project, I share the same sentiment with a San Francisco resident I had an opportunity to have dinner with that evening:  the money ($8,000,000 USD) could have been better spent.

It was a very intriguing display, nonetheless.  Good excuse to continue to play with the Panasonic Lumix 20mm lens for the Olympus PEN E-P3 M4/3 camera. Overall, I’m pleased with the results.

My favorites are:  the over exposed photo seen above, the young traveler waiting for the bus, and Cupid’s Span with the city in the background.

There was a St. Patrick’s Day parade that afternoon, but I missed it.

san francisco street performers san francisco peddler san francisco gorilla playing music san francisco union square mustache care

main, ya'll  san francisco bay lights san francisco cupids bow san francisco cupids bow bay lights san francisco cupids bow san francisco embarcadero octopus san francisco embarcadero construction OLYMPUS DIGIsan francisco embarcadero san francisco bay lights san francisco bay lights san francisco embarcadero bus young traveler san francisco embarcadero  san francisco embarcadero

Not out of real necessity, but I made a quick DIY appendix holster for the Kel Tec P3AT.  A gentleman who goes by the name 45R, online, had some scrap Kydex and eyelets laying around and was kind enough the sheet.  I’ve worn it consistently for the last month and trained with it a few times; it’s held up quite well, despite the shitty eyelet punching.

p3at_appendix_holster_demo p3at appendix holster p3at appendix holster

In other news:  I’m certain my order with Dillon isn’t the only one delayed, so I mounted the RCBS single stage reloader.  After a few movements, it occurred to me to make use of a scrapped project I kept around – for occasions like this.  I added some gutted paracord loop in the back and hook/loop for obligatory patch display.  I introduce you to the tactical workbench apron.

 workbench apron workbench apron loops

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