I relocated:

– Moved all of my junk.

– Planted a Trident Maple and two Shangtung Maple trees.

– Had vinyl plank flooring installed.  Stripped and reinstalled floor boards.

– Bought a new bed (so damn comfortable).

– Installed new door knobs, strike plates and deadbolts (ASSA brand).

– Installed pendant light with three-way switches.

– Bought these really cool motion detecting LED lights for the closet.  Awesome.

– Installed garage workspace florescent lights with three-way switches (8 T8 48″ bulbs).  Super bright.

– Reloading bench and overhead garage storage in progress.

– Spending way too much time at Home Depot.

Gun Blogger Rendezvous 2012

– Met new people and had lots of fun.

– Took home awesome bumper stickers and prizes.

– Hotel staff does not mind me in their kitchen area.

Shivworks, Extreme Close Quarter Concepts

– Got my ass whooped.  Some bruising and scratches.

– Learned a lot.

– Best. Class. Ever.

– I think more people would benefit from this class than not.


– Damn good at it.

– Mediocre passion for it.

– It’s secure, nonetheless.


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2 Comments on “Update”

  1. November 5, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    Damn man, that’s a lot of work! I’d hate to consider moving and I’m glad I don’t have-to right now, but I/we have to consider where we want to be when we retire…

    • November 5, 2012 at 9:30 am #

      The moving part was no joke. I have more ammunition and firearm accessories than everything else. Lol.

      The other work is considerably light duty, but by no means quick. It could have been more complicated had I moved to a place that needed considerable rehabilitation.

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