Deep Concealment Sun Visor Holster Overview

Chase from Deep Conceal LLC, approached me to check out their line of firearm concealed carry holsters. Wasn’t quite certain what I could offer considering I’m pretty happy with my current setup, but I had a choice between their shoulder holster or sun visor holster.

The shoulder holster can be described as a rib-band with shoulder straps. It fits close to the body like a bellyband; however, it rides at the side like a shoulder holster.

I felt I couldn’t assess the ULTRA and MAX holsters fairly because it practically requires special shirts (magnet button, Velcro, snaps, etc.) to reliably access the handgun. At this time, my attire only accommodates pocket carry, appendix IWB, or strong side IWB.

I opted to look at their Sun Visor Wrap Holster instead. I travel with semi-regular frequency by car, and believe this may have a place during those long car rides. If you think drawing from concealment from AIWB or strong side is difficult, try doing it from a pocket with a seatbelt.

The Sun Visor Wrap Holster reportedly accommodates handguns from 2.5” to 5.5” in overall length. I was initially concerned how concealable it may not be; however, I observed it stays out of sight for most folks looking into the car.  A good friend also pointed out to me that sun visors are the last thing on others’ minds, anyway.

The visor holster is essentially a wide sheet of hook and loop that wraps around the visor with a holster made out of a mid-weight fabric; there’s hook attached to anchor the holster on the wrap. The firearm is secured with hook/loop straps at the back strap.

I was initially unimpressed. When drawing the firearm, the wrap would shift with my draw, prolonging release of the firearm from the holster. Wrapping it tighter didn’t make a difference. What did make a difference is to allow the end of the wrap act as a stop between the visor and car ceiling. Had I not found this solution, I would have recommended non-slip material to be sewn on the back for some traction.

I think the idea has potential promise, but I’m very hesitant to transfer a loaded firearm to a new holster with any regularity, thus might only use it for driving with frequent stop/go traffic or don’t plan to leave the car for a period of time. I think the next natural phase would be a visor set up that would allow an assortment of pocket holsters.

For just below $20, you may want to check it out, but only under with explicit understanding/clarity what your intended use for it might be.

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