Triple Aught Design and ITS Tactical Ice Cream Social/SkillCom

If you were at the races, San Francisco pride, or just elsewhere all together, then you weren’t at the Triple Aught Design and Imminent Threat Solutions Tactical social event this past weekend. Even without a TAD sale, the turn out was quite impressive.

If you’re not familiar with ITS Tactical, it’s a rich source of skill-set information, tactical gear reviews and DIY projects. My primary attraction to ITS Tactical is the self-improvement approach similar to the Art of Manliness when it initially launched – only more Black-artsy.

Triple Aught Design introduced a sneak peak of their 2012 fall line, but the primary attraction was the Dauntless production knives. Though seen without an edge, a titanium and (OD Green and Black) G10 versions will soon be made available soon. I was given ballpark cost, but I’m not certain how solid those figures are.  Looking around, most guesses appear to be close.

Bryan and Kelly Black, however, took the show away with their paracord bracelet and lock picking tutorials.

If you’re an ITS fan, you may already know the knots. For many folks at the workshop, it was a new experience. With new experience comes potential struggle – Bryan and Kelly were there to assist along the way.

Yes. It requires more time, but in the event you need paracord, you’re not fiddling around trying to untie your knots. This version allows you to quickly unravel the bracelet by separating the fused ends.

For “lunch,” we were treated to ice cream. Plenty to go around with an assortment of toppings: Oreo cookies, graham crackers, cherries, nuts, sprinkles, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate, etc.  Black labeled water and root beer was also provided.

Following the ice cream social, Bryan demonstrated lock picking; specifically pin/tumbler locks. Bryan also demonstrated how to defeat Master lock pads, handcuffs and zip ties.

Though I don’t feel that it needs to be mentioned, ITS Tactical’s demonstration of these techniques should not be construed as malice to defeat, or otherwise undermine law enforcement. Bryan explains here.

In any case, the venue was packed – men and women seemed to have a good time.  I think you would have too, had you joined.

Don’t fret, however.  There will be more opportunities in the future.  For example, ITS Tactical is organizing a skill development excursion in Weatherford, Texas.  From October 25-28, you’ll be provided instruction on Lock Picking, Knot Tying, Rappelling, Fire & Shelter Building, Camp Gadgets & Stoves, Medical, Navigation and Geocaching!  Think of it as Boy Scout camp – but better.  Muster up, and join.  Looks like a cool event!

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