Rainy Day Revolver Training

The rainy days were bound to show up.  It’s been a wet week and it appears some drivers forget what it’s like operating their vehicle in not-so-sunny weather.  My commute home on Friday took 1 hour and 45 minutes as opposed to the normal 40 minutes.

On rainy days, or most days for that matter, I dry fire at home, with emphasis on reloads and malfunction clearing on my semi-automatics.  However, I find myself carrying the Ruger LCR .357 magnum instead.  As such, I’ve dedicated more trigger time behind the revolver. For example, in this video from CS Tactical I am practicing speed strip reloads. More practice, I require.

My focus this afternoon were one-handed (dominant/non-dominant) revolver reloads.  Using a guide from ShivWorks/Southnarc on revolver reloads found at NorthEastShooters.com, I hashed out this process and learned quite a bit.

1) Keep the cylinder chambers as clean as possible.  Carbon debris sticky casings, making extraction much more difficult.  I am contemplating on purchasing the Lewis Lead Remover from Brownells.

2) The cylinder locking lug on the Ruger  LCR .357 magnum is stiff compared to its .38 special model — or most revolvers for that matter.  One handed operation of the cylinder release is difficult, but not impossible.  Instead of using my index finger to poke out the cylinder, I use my hip to knock it out.

3) It would behoove me to find cover when reloading.  If I don’t have a pant waist available when crouching, I can tuck the revolver in my shoe instead.

4) I’ve been practicing this for quite awhile, but loading four cartridges on the six-shot QuickStrips have been working well for me as discussed by Michael de Bethencourt at SnubTraining.com (Check out drafts from his book, too).  The rationale is more dexterity and  spending less time to reload the 5th shot, when you already have four set and placed.

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One Comment on “Rainy Day Revolver Training”

  1. March 20, 2012 at 5:30 pm #

    nice video. I’m not nearly that quick with my J-frame

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