Original Special Operations Equipment – The M4/AK Micro Rig Review

Brand new. Needs Dirt.

Made in the Motherfucking USA. There’s no other company that’s synonymous with a prideful, patriotic slogan. Little else can be said about Original Special Operations Equipment if you’re well aware of their products. Otherwise, if you’re a stranger to OSOE, they’re a no-nonsense, manufacturer, innovator of Cordura equipment for military, law enforcement, and civilian marksman, built tough, yet affordable for the common American.

With no other chest rig to claim as my own, John Willis, proprietor of ORIGINAL Special Operations Equipment, provided me an M4/AK Micro Rig. I’m more accustomed to a bug out bag setup; however, training with it was more cumbersome and my progress with it didn’t go as well as I expected. For example, the Sneaky Bag was an honest effort to maintain a low profile, while keeping all business related gear with me. However, the bag cover was cumbersome. I also found myself stuffing more crap than I really need. Unless I’m rocking a Kifaru OTW bag, I don’t think a bag setup will work for me. I digress.

Back to a minimalist (KISS) mindset, the Micro Rig M4/AK rig makes sense. There are two pouches, each capable of holding two M4 or AK magazines. The AK magazines will fit upright, upside down, and left or right faced. A 6×6” utility pocket is available for additional necessary gear. An internal pocket lined with 12” of Velcro loop across is integrated to attach optional organizers. Elastic loops are sewn on the bottom to hold pocket smokes, communications wires, tourniquets, etc.

Saiga 7.62x39 CA/922(r) compliant.

PALS webbing across the sides of the magazine pouches and utility pouch increases versatility further – think multi-tool, magazines, flashlight, chem. lights, etc.

The 1.5” standard shoulder straps are adjustable and can be worn as a chest rig or shoulder bag. A 1” waist strap provides stability. The rig will adjust as small for a 40” chest size and 37” torso and large enough for the “larger than me” folk. I imagine there’s enough room for even the largest of individuals, at least those who can still jounce a few yards.

Panel pouch with Velcro loop.

As such, the rig will fit nicely over level IIIA armor, or heavy clothing without issues.

For a shoulder bag set up, I recommend connecting the strap to the 1.5” side release buckles at the side points.

I’ve used this rig primarily with the Saiga 7.62×39 CA compliant rifle. In the utility pouch: gauze, hemostatic agent, and medical tape. Attached to the right side PALS is an SOF tourniquet secured with a broccoli rubber band. The panel pouch can be used for shears, pistol magazine pouches, notes, or whatever useful comes to mind.

6x6" utility pouch.

Magazines are secured with a height adjustable Cordura flap with a 1” tab for easy release. Do not forget to adjust the flaps appropriate to your magazines.

The chest rig can sit high, or low, depending on your preference. I prefer it set just a couple inches higher side as opposed on the belly as I’ve observed others have demonstrated.

Base on my experience, it’s a simple rig that’s straight to the point. Even better is that I don’t find myself wanting to occupy every single PALS real estate. Perfect for short drills on the range, or the supplemental trunk kit. I will not even question quality, so as long John Willis owns, and manages his shop. I can’t recommend OSOE enough.

The micro rig is actually a series. Be sure to also check out the 12ga, .308, PALS, subgun, and more! For those who are interested in padded shoulder straps, OSOE offers those, too. Should a hydration unit pique your interest, you must have the Slim Padded H-Harness.

Bonus: I enjoy reading John’s OSOE Facebook posts. You might too. Like the OSOE Facebook page, which is also a great way to keep up-to-date on any new gear he’s working on, or a chance to purchase any extra sets of Cordura gear available.

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