SHOT Show 2012 Day 3 – Synopsis

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Leatherman – OneHandTool and Style PS

The Leatherman OHT (One Hand Tool) is a new release this year. MSRP $80-ish released around the 3rd quarter. MOLLE sheath will be included, and available in tan or black.  You can either do the lazy open method as I had demonstrated, or you can flick it open.  It has two blades, saw, screwdrivers, can opener, strap cutter, pliers and wire cutters w/replaceable blades.

The Style PS caught my eye, however.  TSA compliant, it has spring action needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, and wire cutters, scissors, flat/Phillips, nail file, tweezers, and a carabiner/bottle opener.  Though it complies with the approved list of tools as of March 2009, TSA agents will be TSA agents.

Brownells’ Halographic T-Dot EOTech Sight

The new Brownells CQB T-Dot features a custom reticle designed by Brownells. The T-Dot Reticle features the standard EOTech 65 MOA Circle, but with an exposed gap around the lower “T”. This gap allows for an unobstructed view of Close Quarter targets, ensuring accurate shot placement at extremely close distances. The new reticle also includes the standard EOTech 1 MOA aiming points, providing accurate aiming points for long distance targets.

For most folks, sights super-imposed on the target might be enough and are scratching their heads why they might benefit from a T-Dot.  The T-Dot only adds one additional dot below the primary 1 MOA dot, and creates the “T” by omitting small segments of the 65 MOA circle at 6 o’clock.  The modification is simple enough, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes acquisition of the reticle easier as opposed to the original 65 MOA reticle found on the EXPS2.

ZEV Technologies – New GLOCK Parts Revealed

Advantage Arms and Tactical Solution are two of the most common, yet not common, conversion kits “available” for the GLOCK.  Enter in ZEV Technologies with their conversion kit:  a billet aluminum upper offering target and match grade barrels.  Release of their .22 conversion kit in April will fit the small framed GLOCKs:  17, 22, 34, 35, etc.  Anticipated MSRP is between $320-$350, available direct through ZEV Technologies, Brownells, Midway USA, etc.  Based on my experience with ZEV Technologies, you will not be be disappointed with this kit.  These folks are seasoned competitors, with extensive knowledge on the GLOCK platform, as well as machining excellent parts.  Speaking of excellent parts, they’re machining GLOCK slides with red dot adapter plates, allowing a shooter to alternate between iron and red dot sights.  Also in the works is a slide machined to accommodate a red dot and iron sights to co-witness.  The Speed Feed Magwell is another nifty addition to their parts.

Kahr/Magnum Research

I would say this SHOT Show 2012 is the year of the .22LR; however, I think that has been in the works for the past two years.  It just so happens that there wasn’t anything out-shadowing the .22LR this year.  In any case, Magnum Research introduces their out-of-the-box Ruger 10/22 set up.  The take away with this model is a light weight rifle with impressive accuracy.

The MLR22AT will give .22 LR rifle shooters something to get excited about. The new ambidextrous lightweight thumbhole 10/22 stock is made of polypropylene with fiber additives for maximum strength. The stock comb height is designed high enough to comfortably and properly shoot with optics. The new stock design also features a semi palm swell on both sides of the pistol grip, and a molded-to-fit hard rubber butt plate attached with screws.

This rifle will be equipped with the Magnum Lite™ revolutionary patented graphite bull barrel, exclusive to Magnum Research. The patented uni-directional graphite fibers, parallel to the bore axis, results in a barrel with six-times the stiffness of conventional steel. The lighter barrel weights (from 13-16 oz, depending on barrel length) are easier to wield and dissipate heat up to 43% faster than steel. The result is rim fire performance of extreme accuracy.

Other features include a .22LR Benz target chamber designed specifically for semi-automatics; full floating barrel for maximum accuracy, CNC-machined receiver from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum forging with an integral weaver-type rail for optics and a black anodized finish. The MLR22AT has an approximate weight of 4 ¼ lbs, barrel length of 17 inches, and over all length of 35 ½ inches.

This rifle utilizes the 10/22 trigger group and 10/22 rotary magazines. MRI bolts are manufactured and machined from heat treated and thorough hardened 4140 steel with minimum headspace for better accuracy.

MSRP for the MLR22AT will be $562. The rifles will start shipping in spring 2012.

No one is getting sued by the way.  It was reported that this was a collaborative effort with Ruger.


I went to their booth to take photos.

Army Camouflage Improvement Effort

I don’t wear camouflage, so this was a learning experience for me.  A brother-in-arms requested a look-see of Kyptek‘s camouflage.  Based on the preliminary information he provided me, the US Army is in the process of shopping for a new camouflage family.  Kyptek happened to be announced as one of four competitors selected as finalists for the US Army’s consideration a week before SHOTSoldier Systems was a valuable resource to better understand this process.  Improvement Effort for Dummies and background information on the Army’s solicitation goals were specifically valuable.  Speaking with Guy Cramer, transitional patterns will likely be issued as the “default” pattern, whereas, the woodland and arid patterns may be distributed on an as needed basis, depending on the nature of the global destination.  It doesn’t appear likely at this time a service member would be required to purchase three patterns at once.  A fourth pattern is meant for personal equipment (pouches, bags, etc), which will be required to work effectively with the other three patterns.

Kryptek is the only company at this time with photos/samples of their patterns available to the public.  ADS Inc./Guy Cramer, Brookwood Companies, and Crye Precision did not.  ADS Inc./Guy Cramer did have a 4-color sample very similar to their “alpha” Army submission, which is photoed in the header link above.  White cards are included for reference.

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