SHOT Show 2012 – Day 2 Synopsis

Media Day 2012 – Synopsis

SHOT Show 2012 – Day 1 Synopsis

SHOT Show 2013 – Day 3 Synopsis

SHOT SHOW 2012 – Day 4

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Wild West Guns – Alaskan Co-Pilot

Wild West Guns, with locations in Las Vegas, NV or Anchorage, AK, is a custom shop focused on the beloved lever action rifle.  At SHOT Show 2012, Wild West Guns’ primary display was the Alaskan CoPilot.  Chambered in Big Bore calibers, like the .457 magnum, the Take-Down Co-Pilot (starting at $1,400) includes custom barrel porting, big loop lever, ejector, magazine follower, tuned action and trigger, as well as their Ghost Ring Sights.  You may even shoot 45/70 or a 410 shotshell if necessary.  Alternatively, the CoPilot is also chambered in .50 Alaskan.  They have other sweet deals, which may be available soon on their website,

DKX Manufacturing – Level III Armor

What’s this sponge floating on the water?  Oh wait!  It’s a multi-hit rated armor plate!  DKX Max III Polyethelene (Dyneema) hard armor plates have the ability to stop a 7.62x39mm round – nine times at 12 feet!  Weighing only 3.25 lbs., it maintains its’ own buoyancy (it’s not a floatation device – I already asked), and drop resistant.  The DKX Max III is in the process for NIJ approval; they’re expecting availability sometime in April.  No word concerning civilian purchase at this time.  Pretty amazing if you ask me.  Let’s hope for favorable NIJ findings this upcoming April.

Carson Optical – Lens and Screen Cleaners

Carson Optical is primarily in the magnifier and binocular business, but arrived at SHOT Show 2012 with a lens cleaning product that doesn’t require harmful chemicals to the lens’ coating, or smearing oils all over.  Available in disposable or non-disposable models, the primary agent is the nano-particles that bonds with oils left on the lens.  The disposable cleaners will last depending on how much oil/grime you may pick up.  I imagine shooters who frequently use optics will get a lot of use of the non-disposable cleaners instead since it comes with a retractable brush.

Gerstner USA – Heirloom Boxes and Tool Chests

Gorgeous tool boxes and chests made to be passed on for generations.  Check out their website.

SOG Knives and Tools

SOG Specialty Knives and Tools had a lot of new releases this year.  Starting with the BladeLight fixed blade (single AA) and folders (twin AAA), they provide 25 , or 35 Lumens of light, respectively, so you won’t cast a shadow with your flashlight as you field dress, or any other field work that requires light to the immediate area you’re working on.  Blade is 9Cr18MoV Stainless Steel.  The fixed version is expected to be released within the 2nd quarter at $115.00 MSRP, whereas the folder within the 3rd quarter at $85.00 MSRP.

The SOG SlipZilla has the same general shape as the SOGzilla, only with G10 grips and slip joint construction.  Better grip and no lock.  Due for release in a few weeks from today at $45.00 MSRP.

SOG Escape is a new folding knife providing a 3.4″ blade made out of 9Cr18MoV Stainless Steel, with integrated line cutter, glass breaker, wire stripper and extra line cutters stored in the aluminum handle with a polycarbonate cover.

The SOG PowerDuo is a multi-tool with pliers, a locking blade, tweezers, bottle/can opener, screw drivers, etc.  Can be opened with one hand and reportedly has two times the gripping strength compared to other multi-tools.  Satin and black variations will be released sometime during the 2nd quarter at $80.00 and $90.00 MSRP, respectively.  I wasn’t necessarily wow’d by this release as I was with the Leatherman OHT.  However, I was really digging the SlimJim SOG had.

The SlimJim is an assisted knife available from SOG in the XL model (4.18″ blade) or a 3.18″ blade.  Advertised as the “slimmest assisted knife in the world,” the XL model only weighs 2.7 oz.  MSRP is expected to be anywhere from $65.00 through $80.00 and available sometime during the 2nd quarter.

DarkEnergy is SOG’s line of flashlights.  Max output is advertised at 215 Lumens powered by a CR-123A.  Half-taps enables the 40% output.  Housing is aggressively checkered with a very sturdy clip.  Available in a few weeks, anticipated MSRP is $105.00 for the smaller model (214A) and $130 for the 247A model.

Precision Small Arms

The .25 caliber, 6 shot, single action, semi-automatic legend (Baby-Browning) is back.  PSA models are available from hot blue ($550.00 MSRP) to gold plated/accented ($5000 MSRP).  A shop somewhere in Orange County, CA reportedly does single-shot exemptions for these pistols, lengthening the barrel, and fixing the magazine.  That’s just hearsay; I have not found definitive examples of it being done yet.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try (wink).


As opposed to what I wrote on Monday night last week, it is anticipated, with high hopes, that a back strap, or lengthened tang will be available in three weeks.

Thompson Center – Dimension

My interest with this particular bolt rifle waned and didn’t catch a lot on it.  It carries on the T/C interchangeable caliber theme with their Encore and Contender variations.  Check out The Truth About Guns for a more thorough look on the T/C Dimension.

Calguns Foundation/CAL-FFL Dinner

After a long day at SHOT Show, I broke bread with the fine folks from the Calguns Foundation at Lawry’s The Prime Rib.  Met Brandon Combs, Bill Wiese, Ryan Kirkman, Wes Morris, Jason Davis and was reacquainted with Alan Gottlieb.  California Association of Federal Firearm Licensees (CAL-FFL) is a new organization established to address issues pertinent to California FFLs.  It is “California’s premiere non-profit industry association of, by, and for firearms manufacturers, dealers, and collectors, advancing the interests of its members and the general public through strategic litigation, legislative efforts, and education.”  Provided the insurmountable work the Calguns Foundation has done, I have no doubt they will provide the same level of service they have provided to many California gun owners.

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