SHOT Show 2012 – Day 1 Synopsis

Coonan Inc. – .357 Magnum Automatic

In a classic 1911 style, Coonan Inc. is manufacturing a gun not meant for the first time shooter.  The steel pistol is capable of using .38 special and .357 magnum, with a magazine capacity of 7 rounds. Coonan Inc. has a variety of colors the firearm may be coated with; the purple appears to have gotten a lot of attention.  If I could get this on a single-shot exemption ticket, I will buy it.  Coonan Inc. appeared receptive to the idea.

Tactical Solutions – Magazine Loader and 10/22 Stocks

Tactical Solutions appeared to have little news on any Springfield XD or Smith & Wesson M&P .22LR conversion kits.  TS does have a nifty little magazine loader assist to lock the follower to the base plate for the Ruger Mark and Browning Buckmark series pistol magazines.  TS were also proud to announce the Vantage stocks with a galvanized pillar.  The laminate stock is available in slate, royal, forest, and crimson.

Kel Tec – 300 BLK, 12 GA, .308 WIN

The SU16 isn’t anything new, Kel Tec anticipates to release models C and CA chambered in 300 AAC Blackout.  The A or B models will not be available in 300 BLK considering front sight incompatibility with the diameter of the barrel.  Expected release is late 2nd to early 3rd quarter at $820-$850 MSRP.

RFB Hunter will be chambered in .308 WIN.  A 24″ barrel and FAL magazine compatibility, chrome lined barrel, and top picatinny rails are some of the product highlights.  Due for a 2nd quarter release expected at $2130.

Last year, Caleb reported trigger reset failures on the KSG. Kel Tec has fixed the issue, also incorporating a anti-stroke mechanism, and modified the action release button.  First batch of KSGs were delivered to their distributors in December.

Ruger SR22 and LCR .22LR

Anticipated for CA approval, the Ruger SR22 is a DA/SA with a 3.5″ barrel, interchangeable grips, underside Picatinny rail, reversible rear sight blade, and come with two 10 round magazines.  Decocking the hammer also engages the safety.

Kifaru Koala Lite

Made out of 500D fabric, it has a slimmer profile than it’s predecessor.    Doesn’t have MOLLE on the front to save weight, but there are dock and lock options.  Kifaru anticipates to offer more fabric weight choices.  The claymore pouches, for example, will be offered in 500D to save weight, each weighing about .5lbs less.

Colt LE901

Following up from my visit last year, the LE901 is anticipated to be released for the general public sometime in March.  90 days following that, Colt plans to release their Colt uppers with the magazine adapter to fit the proprietary LE901 .308 lower.  Once the device has developed a reliable reputation, Colt may entertain selling the adapter as a separate accessory.  Colt hasn’t forgotten about CA; they’re including bullet buttons on their rifles now.  How about that?

Apex Tactical Specialties

Good sources indicate that Apex Tactical Specialties and Barstow will release barrels for the Smith & Wesson M&P series pistols in about 6 months; yielding more accuracy.  Lately, Apex Tactical Specialties has been working hard to develop new and innovative ways to improve on the design and I believe more is to come over the next several months.   If I recall correctly, their DCAEK will be available for the SD9 and SD40 to bring down trigger pull from 9lbs. to 6lbs.  From what appears to be in this photo, it looks like they’re working on a new metal treatment, too.

NSSF State of the Industry Dinner was also a treat.  Larry the Cable guy was funny, and food wasn’t too bad either.  The firearms industry appears to be very healthy, as reported by the SHOT Show blog.

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