Media Day 2012 – Synopsis

Media Day consisted of meeting bloggers and other media folks.  Guns, for the most part, were secondary.  Ruger released their SR22, KRISS their Sphinx, and many other manufactures had other models – several of which can be discussed throughout the week.  For whatever odd reason, I thought Coonan Firearms was going to be at Media Day to demonstrate the .357 magnum automatic, but didn’t seem them.

Concerning the SCAR .22LR clone, Beretta doesn’t have a release date.  The Ruger will be CA approved.

Springfield XDs

Single stacked .45 ACP with a 3.3″ barrel was announced for Media Day.  Trigger was satisfactory, with mediocre ergonomics.  I wasn’t necessarily a fan of the XDs to begin with, however, they appear worthwhile a second look upon further evaluation.

Colt Mustang .380 ACP

Played with the .380 ACP.  It’s pretty and would love to have one, but wouldn’t carry it.

Sig Sauer

Speaking with the folks at Sig Sauer, they related to me the 226 and 229 Elite are pending for the CA DOJ handgun safety list approval.  238 and 250 have passed, but remains in progress.  They submitted samples for the MK25.  At this time, they only have plans to submit the 224 for approval.

Cabot Guns

From the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA, Cabot Guns is made up of some really cool folk with resources and talent from a leading precision metal manufacture has at their disposal.  Designated as a “post-custom” pistol, their 1911s are made using CNC machines.  Fit and finish is quite impressive.  Though many of their models fetch anywhere between $2,400 and $7,400, I know there are the few who really love their guns.  With that said, it appeared they may entertain the idea of a CA single-shot exemption.  Hm…


I don’t know nearly enough to make a judgment on GLOCK’s modifications on their generation 4 firearms.  It was related to me GLOCK has modified the ejector, and redesigned the dual-recoil spring system.  This particular pistol is chambered in .357 Sig.   Concerning any plans for an extended tang, or beavertail – that’s reportedly still in the air.

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