4Sevens Preon2 Flashlight Review

preone2 surefire l4 edc

Compact and absurdly bright. Six levels of output including three special modes. Lightweight and elegant. The world’s first AAA powered, CREE XP-G flashlight!

Do you know what a CREE XP-G is?  Unless you’re a candlepower geek, then it’s unlikely. Don’t sweat it, I’ve got you covered.

preon bulb

The XLamp XP-G LED is capable of up to 493 lumens at 92 lumens per watt when driven at 1.5 A. XLamp XP-G LEDs set the new standard for light output and efficacy in single-die LEDs, extending the leadership of Cree’s lighting-class XLamp XP family and giving lighting designers a wide range of price and performance options that all share a common footprint.

That’s pretty impressive, to me. But what do I know about all of the sciency stuff? Nothing.  What I do know is what I needed in a flashlight: bright, compact, tough, and didn’t look tactical.

preon2 parts

The Preon 2 is crafted out of anodized aluminum, powered with two AAA batteries with seven output Modes:

Low: 2.2 OTF Lumens, 23 hours
Medium: 22 OTF Lumens, 6 hours
High: 160 OTF Lumens, 0.8 hours
Beacon (Hi)
Beacon (Lo)

At about 5″ in length, and .5″ diameter, this unassuming flashlight, also available in other pretty colors, is quite bright.  You can also program it too, but I won’t spoil it for you.  You can check out the instructions here.

I carried the Lumamax L4 for several years, not requiring anything else.  I even used it busting up open crabs at the San Francisco pier and beer bottles when I had to improvise.  However, at my new place place of employment, I wanted a flashlight that was less — tactical.  Perhaps I’m a bit more apprehensive about it than I should, but it’s a good excuse to buy another gadget.

The battery life for the Preon 2 is accurate.  Knowing this, I keep several spares at my desk along with several other goodies.

The Preon 2 also has an IPX-8 rating; it’s submersible.  Says nothing about a dive rating mind you.

I find myself activating clicky tailcap on accident; I have to occasionally check it to make sure it’s off.

preon2 clip

The clip also lends itself to bend out over time, but it also doesn’t wear down the fabric on dress slacks.

Aside from those two issues, I like the Preon 2 a lot.  However, Lumamax L4 sits in an auxiliary bag close by.

[consumer rant]

When I do order again, I will call in to make sure they have it in-stock.  My initial order was for a blue and a black Preon 2.  It was “upgraded” to back-order for the blue model the next day.  I requested to drop the back ordered item, so the in-stock item could ship.  I was provided a USPS Delivery Confirmation number.  It turned out that it didn’t ship; both models were out of stock.  They did have the black and titanium model in stock, so I paid the extra $4.00.

It took nearly a month for it to ship out.

[/consumer rant]

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5 Comments on “4Sevens Preon2 Flashlight Review”

  1. October 4, 2011 at 2:55 am #

    I love my Preon(1x AAA) and it is always with me. I purchased a clicky tailcap for it, and was generally unsatisfied with it’s operation. I ended up with a lot of stickyness and false clicks, even after disassembly and cleaning. I eventually went back to the twist head only and have been happy ever since.

    If they did a redesign of the clicky tailcap, I would definitely try it again.

  2. October 5, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

    Derek, man I am jealous! I have wanted a Preon 2 for what seems like forever! I currently have a 4sevens Quark AA2 Tactical and it’s an awesome light, but it’s a little big for EDC. I still carry it, but if I could go back in time I’d get the Preon 2. Maybe I will splurge and get one for Christmas – or tomorrow. Your review isn’t making it any easier to resist!


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