Gun Casket Pistol Safe Review

Gun Casket Pistol Safe

If you’re like us, you believe that shotguns are a solid choice for home defense. The sound of a shell being chambered is enough to scare almost any intruder away. Gun Casket™ – Gun Safe is the best way to safely store your shotgun while keeping it readily accessible.

Unlike those heavy, bulky steel safes, Gun Casket™ – Gun Safe is lightweight and portable. It can be stored behind doors, in vehicles, on walls, under beds…almost anywhere. During a home invasion you’ll want a shotgun nearby, and with Gun Casket™ you can put one in every room. Other wannabe shotgun safes lock the trigger but leave the rest of the gun exposed. This leaves your shotgun exposed to dust, damage and who knows if the baby shoved a marble down the barrel when you weren’t looking… Gun Casket™ fully encloses your shotgun to keep it out of sight and out of mind to curious hands and would be thieves. Buy one today, and rest in peace tonight.

Ben Barrus of Gun Casket, LLC, approached me via email for a request to have one of their products reviewed. Gun Casket “manufactures a low profile, lightweight, fast opening shotgun safes that opens in about two seconds.” Ben particularly noted how it’s great for home/office defense purposes.

As weird as it might sound, I don’t have a shotgun at the moment. I’m littered with cases of 12ga and 20ga cartridges, but nothing to feed it to [I don’t have an excuse. You can shun me at SHOT Show 2012]. I was initially going to turn down the review – it wouldn’t be a good idea to review a product for a tool I didn’t have, but after looking at their website, I saw a couple pistol models – an electronic model and a key model.

My initial thought was: a great safe in the car for armed-folks who may need one before entering a prohibited area. An electronic safe that’s light-weight, low profile, and fast opening?

Let’s take a look.

Constructed out of aluminum anodized in a variety of colors, the safe’s walls are assembled with clutch head security screws. The sides of the safe appear to be a brushed finish that contrasts well with the soft red color, as Ben suggested.

The Gun Casket was designed as such so it can be grabbed at a moment’s notice – domed lid to fit your hand and traction bars to hold on to the safe. I found the domed lid fits nicely in my hand; however find that the “traction bars” are more atheistic than functional. I don’t have a scale, but my average estimation skill indicates that this weighs approximately 2.5 lbs.

The lid uses a tongue and groove closure that’s reportedly resistant to prying.  To be fair, the shotgun safe appears to have locking latches at the sides that might prevent this.  This also could be solved by cutting the lid slightly wider for a tighter fit.

The lock that sticks out like a sore thumb is a CODELOCKS Cabinet Lock – Electronic, model CL1000. Manufactured elsewhere (UK or China), it has a 10 digit keypad with a programming button under the latch. The lock has three code levels: none of which I will describe. The lock has a lost code procedure should you need it, but it requires the door to be open. I’m SOL if I forgot the code AND the gun remains safe since it does not have an auxiliary lock. Fortunately, I access my guns frequently, so forgetting a code that’s used just as much isn’t likely. YMMV.

If the two AAA batteries [YES!  They were included!] die because of maintenance negligence, an external PP9 battery can be placed on the contacts of the two LEDs [Seriously. A PP9 battery – not the common PP3 battery?]

Inside appears to be standard egg carton foam. The top segment is secured with good adhesive; the bottom is removable. Removing the foam, you can view how the screws secure the walls of the safe. The safe is capable of holding two standard size pistols [GLOCK 19] with enough friction between the two foam pads to prevent shift. However, smaller pistols will bounce around.

At 10”x7”x3.5” it’s convenient to keep around, or take with you. I imagine mobility might be less convenient for the shotgun models. Perhaps a removable handle might be appreciated. Offering pre-drilled holes for mounting might be an additional option Gun Casket could consider.

When I received the safe, I was quite impressed with the etching Gun Casket did. The Packing Rat logo came out wonderfully, down to the cocked hammer detail. With that service and ability to choose colors, I imagine Gun Caskets would make wonderful gifts for casual storage of firearms. Though they look very sleek and attractive; I am not convinced Gun Caskets are worth the purchase price.

I find the lock particularly bulky and not tactile friendly. The absence of an auxiliary lock bugs me, and many claims about the product can said about any lockable box.

Comparing it to another product in same price range, the GunVault MicroVault appears to be more robust, practical, and has a dual locking mechanism that has proven reliable on a GunVault Mini model I own. At this time, I am very certain I would recommend the MicroVault, instead.

Above all else, I don’t believe a gun safe is a great answer for a firearm that’s meant to be your first line of defense in the home, anyway. I speak as an unattached, single male with no kids, so my perspective is likely different from those with kids, and/or attached. However, I argue that with education and good parenting (as others have demonstrated), I argue any safe for a primary line of defense isn’t recommended.

If you’re interested in purchasing the safe, please visit  You can also save $10.00 off your purchase if you type in the discount code, “Rat.”  By the way, for each purchase, Gun Casket agreed to send me $5.00, but I don’t anticipate to see any of that.

At most, I think they could make nice gifts, and the folks at Gun Casket are nice and enthusiastic.  You also can’t find a shotgun case with an electronic lock anywhere else.

Anyone up for a free safe?  Give me your ideas on how to give it away in the comments below.  Jennifer has a pretty spiffy giveaway.  You should try your luck to win hers.

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One Comment on “Gun Casket Pistol Safe Review”

  1. Wang
    September 28, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    That thing looks terrible. I guess not having an additional manual lock helps them keep the weight down.

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