Sacramento Co. CA CCW Course AAR 7/23, 7/24

This is an attempt to get back into the swing of blogging.  New elements of life came into play and I just had to put the blog away for awhile.  Things are going well, though.

This past weekend, Mike of CS Tactical and I instructed our first Sacramento Co. CA CCW course.  It’s been in development for a better of the 2011 year; we spent that time building the curriculum, and clearing the documentation necessary for us to be bona-fide Sacramento CCW instructors (Which really wasn’t a whole lot.)

The goal of our class is for students to have a sufficient understanding CA laws to carrying concealed in CA.  California is a unique state in which doesn’t have a lot of restrictions against CCW if you carry a CA PC 12050 license.  I’ve discovered most classes do not address CA CCW specific laws, and even make up laws!  The classes that are worth a damn are 16 hours of pistolcraft instruction – which is awesome; what’s missing is the moral, ethical and legal ramifications of deadly force.  I’m not expert, but the actions does require thought for many people.  It’s better to start now than later as the corpse cools and the DA triages their cases.

I want students to walk away from the course thinking twice about carrying their firearm and to re-evaluate their behavior.  As random violent crimes are, much of it is can be controlled by what we do and how we act.

No.  This class is not designed to discourage CCW; far from it.  For some people – the ramifications may be too great.  The decision to arm one’s self and use deadly force is a very personal choice, so who am I to force the matter?

Our desire is to make a CCW shooter more aware of their personal value system, and how legally carrying a firearm fits into their daily life.  For new and experienced shooters, we also hope to introduce the concept of carry and provide more tools to those who have some experience.

Our shooting segment of the course will attempt to introduce or reinforce marksmanship fundamentals.  CCW attracts a wide variety of students, so I think it’s imperative to include some form on instruction of that nature.  After establishing a baseline of marksmanship and shooters have demonstrated safe pistol handing, holster work begins; followed by movement and shooting positions.  At minimum, the goal of this segment is to observe safe holster draws and ability to shoot on the move.

This past weekend, we received some great feedback, but our course is very much a work in progress.  The students were appreciative of the applicable laws and discussions that followed.  I know there’s a better way to present the laws, so I’m exploring a way to present a cheat sheet, as one student suggested.  As clear as I think some laws are, I also anticipate to use local examples to better clarify concerns.

As mindful as I try to be to not bore experienced shooters with safety rules, and safe storage — I don’t think I can avoid it given the vast experience I may encounter.  I hope as we gain experience, we’ll be able to accommodate shooters’ experience on the fly.  Though not directly related to CCW, laws pertaining to storage and possession without a CCW.

Our shooting segment went well, too.  Granted, our line only consisted of three shooters with two instructors.  The intensity perceived while instructing students of unknown skill must be akin to herding cats.  Mike and I will be handling very small classes for awhile.

In the meantime, we’ll be working on our shooting instruction structure, too.  We managed to get by with drills from memory, but I think the flow of the course suffered.  We had a tendency to jump from drill to drill, simply to move things along.  We didn’t have a final assessment either.  We did come up with a crafty idea to allow students evaluate their ability to identify threats and engage possible multiple targets.  So I look forward to implementing that in our next class.

Overall, we just need to focus on our purpose and the practical skills necessary to carry  a self-defense too.  It seems we’re heading in to right direction, however.


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