Smart Carry, Under There – A Holster Review

I just made you say, “underwear.”

Still alive.  Just keeping busy.

I tried the KelTec P3AT in a DeSantis for a day in my dress slacks. I’m a tiny dude with sumo thighs; outside of shorts and other casual clothes, it doesn’t work well.

The Smart Carry I have is white, and it appears they have different sizes appropriate for your particular pistol. Wraps around quite easily and conceals wonderfully. I have it placed so the gun sits just at my belt.  Any lower, it will the handle will print. It stays flat and concealed otherwise.

Draw can be really slow, but just as fast as pocket carry. The direction of my pockets inhibit a smooth draw for the DeSantis and the Smart Carry makes it difficult to start with a good grip. I made modifications to it to accommodate my fingers, which appear to address the issue.  Pistol doesn’t sit any different.

Most pants I wear are tailored dress wool pants. Flat front. Pleated front doesn’t make a huge different for me, but I imagine it might for some.  I’ll keep you folks updated.  So far, I like this option.

keltec p3at smart carry holster


The stuff inside -- if you were curious.

keltec p3at smart carry holster modification


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