Cats, mold, urine, etc.

Visited a senior couple this afternoon.  House smelled of urine and mold.  You can hear flies buzz across the room.  Refrigerator contents were of rotten take-out meals and other moldy foods.  I also observed an assortment of pickled food throughout the house.

I noted at least five cats on the property.  Reportedly, there are more using the carpet as a potty area.  They feed the cats, too.  As a result, they managed to claw their way through a wooden door from the garage into the house.

They were suspicious of help and quite concerned of their rights and freedom as it relates to their situation. That’s normal.  Imagine supporting yourself for decades, and suddenly unable remember the last three hours of your day — and not know it.  Very pleasant couple, nonetheless.

I asked to take a look at the gentleman’s [expired] driver’s license.  He produced a credit card and his passport, instead.  With him, he also had what appeared to be a check.  The gentleman wanted to cash it, but I had to break it to him that it’s not real.

The wife speaks another language, but I believe I managed to convey the message, anyway.

I’ve had other visits like this and each one is humbling.  It’s unfortunate that some folks don’t have a plan to avoid circumstances like this.  Makes one wonder who will be there when cognitive functions begin to decline.

It’s not uncommon for bad company to be near by…

Execute a Durable Power of Attorney and appoint an Attorney-in-Fact.  It’s more likely to help than hurt.  Seriously.

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2 Comments on “Cats, mold, urine, etc.”

  1. May 8, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

    Derek: People are good at hiding a mental decline from their family, especially if they are not checked upon frequently. A couple of scummy insurance salesmen found my dad’s mother before we knew she had Alzheimer’s, and they took her for everything she had saved. The prosecuting attorney in her county wouldn’t do anything to them.

    I just saw a similar thing recently, where a timber buyer bought a tract for much less than it was worth from an older gentleman with dementia. His family’s problem is that most timber buyers would have skinned a well, but naive person for even more. Because the timberman paid up front, the State’s Attorney won’t touch it.

    • May 8, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

      Good examples, TBS.

      It’s especially difficult to substantiate the exact moment when legal capacity has diminished… All the more reason to discuss the matter sooner, than later.

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