Training with Todd Green – AAR
Get SOM (Shooting On the Move) + Speed Kills
Sacramento, CA
March 12-13

What it is:
Get SOM (Shooting On the Move) is a fast-paced one day program devoted entirely to the fast and accurate operation of a handgun while moving. The class begins with fundamental techniques and progresses to topics such as changing direction, moving around barriers, and dealing with various hazards in a 360-degree world. Each student will have an opportunity to learn how speed of movement impacts speed of shooting and learn simple techniques to maximize proficiency under a variety of challenging circumstances.

Speed Kills is a one-day program about the intersection of speed and accuracy. Drills focus entirely on the ability to hit small, distant, and low-probability targets with confidence and surgical precision. Unlike typical marksmanship classes, however, Speed Kills will push shooters to make these difficult shots quickly and under stress. One-on-one diagnosis allows each student to learn at his own pace toward the goal of making the tough shot when time is not on your side.

Defensive pistol training is not about making pretty holes; it’s to make “combat effective” shots when it counts, as fast a friggin’ possible. The difficulty is to find a balance between speed and accuracy in moments of stress. Losing in a defensive scenario could mean life and limb.

Training with LMS Defense’s Pistol I course provided me a solid foundation to train from. Josh Jackson taught me the fundamentals of marksmanship, what it means to have a defensive mindset, situational awareness, and how to hone my skills through further training. I would be blind without it, with no goal in sight.

As much as we sidestepped and grouched through training, it was way too slow to address immediate threats when we least expect it. I began to look at point shooting and incorporated more movement to respond better to volatile situations. From a citizen standpoint, I am more likely to be reactive than proactive.

SOM addresses the skills necessary to remain dynamic when SHTF outside the comfort of our pistol bays, ranges, etc. For those who train, we all recognize how much movement will affect shot-placement. While moving, its simply about maintaining sight alignment at your intended target. What I personally gained from Todd’s SOM class was instruction on a modified shooting base – an aggressive, forward leaning, stance that is similar to that of when using a carbine.

It was grouching on speed. Moving forward, backward and diagonally to/from our target, Todd advised us to be aware of our skill-level and to pull the trigger when the sights are aligned on the target. Based on Todd’s assessment, I need to move faster, and shoot a little slower.

Speed Kills, may it be the aggressor or the defender who remains standing. Assuming the student possesses the fundamental marksmanship skills, Todd will push you to develop your ability to make precise shots, quickly and under stress. From this class, I learned a different ready position. As opposed to a low ready or sul, Todd demonstrated the use of a ready position with the pistol’s muzzle pointing up, with a visual of the front sight, elbows tucked in, while incorporating an aggressive, forward-leaning stance. This position prepares the shooter to “press out.” A press out essentially combines several actions into one smooth motion: pushing out, acquiring sight alignment, maintaining sight picture, finger on trigger, fire. This is opposed to performing each step in series, eating up more of your time.

Over the weekend at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, I learned a new ready position, and a pistol presentation method that will cut down the time from holster to the first shot, without sacrificing accuracy. The drills he utilized over the weekend are additional tools I may refer to further develop my pistol craft, and Todd’s instruction provided me an additional model to refer to when introducing new shooters, and hopefully Sacramento Co. CCW students in the near future.

While I did learn a lot from Todd, from his instruction and observations I made on how he coaches others, I wanted more. This class was referred to me by two other brothers-in-arms, who are very enthusiastic practitioners of the pistol. Both spoke highly of Todd’s ability to troubleshoot, and push his students out of their comfort zone. While Todd noted that I needed to shoot slower, and haul ass, instead of jaunting out of a jam, I think there could have been more for me to gain from this experience. It may have been the format of the class, or even a limitation based on my ability, but I walked away thinking I could have gotten more. Though this was not the Aim Fast, Hit Fast curriculum, I was anticipating more one-on-one time, or drills for that matter, to address/discover weaknesses.

Bottom line:
Based on my observations and experience over the weekend with Todd, I will train with him again. His manner of instruction was clear, and precise. It worked for me. Todd doesn’t talk about his experience; he does it. He’s always learning, and continues to develop his pistolcraft as it has been demonstrated at his blog, .  Though I learned some valuable drills and understanding what is to, “push out,” I hope for more shooting time when I enroll in his Aim Fast, Hit Fast course.

3rd generation GLOCK 19
Glockworx Fulcrum trigger. No adjustments made.
1 user induced malfunction; the slide locked early.

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2 Comments on “Training with Todd Green – AAR”

  1. March 29, 2011 at 9:41 am #

    Nice going! I wish I had more time or was more on-the-ball about training. I’ve been sorta following this guy at since reading about him at Tam’s – and now just read the SWAT mag article.


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    […] also had an opportunity to touch base with Brett. We initially met at Todd Green’s class and again at Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge 2011. He gave me an exclusive tour of their HQ […]

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