Eureka, CA

After a botched trip to Chico, CA for work, I went to Eureka, CA.  I traveled through 299; came back home on the 101, then through 20.  Wonderful drive!  I was fortunate that that weather was cooperative and the ride was relatively pain free!

Photo at Lucerne, CA. Clear Lake was pretty flippin' full.

While in Eureka, I visited the Blue Ox Millworks.  Blue Ox Millworks is a museum and historic park the public may visit and tour.   The facility is also a working factory where custom wood designs are created for restoration projects all over the nation.  It’s also a school for kids to learn the trade, and stay out of trouble.  The the program is supported by the Humboldt County Office of Education.

A view inside blue ox millworks

General area where students may work.

The human powered machines by Barnes Equipment Company were very cool!  All made circa 1868 – 1895.

I also spoke with the fine folks at Old West Shootery & Supply and they related to me there are two outdoor ranges; Green Diamond and Redwood Gun Club.  Didn’t have an opportunity to check it out.

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