Crossbreed SuperTuck Holster

crossbreed kydex holster

Crossbreed SuperTuck Holster

“The SuperTuck is our most popular rig and is adjustable for ride depth AND cant, it’s our most stable and comfortable rig and offers the following features as well.”

After many suggestions, I gave the Crossbreed SuperTuck a try. I was particularly looking forward to a holster that allowed me to tuck in my shirt. You know; to look somewhat respectable.

I purchased the SuperTuck in cowhide, with a combat cut and J-clips for my GLOCK 19. All new SuperTucks now come with spring steel clips.

They offer LEO’s, Military and NRA members a 10% discount.

crossbreed kydex holster glock19

Advertised as such, it’s ugly. Though it’s comfortable, it was best positioned at 5 o’clock for me. If I positioned it at 4 o’clock, my preferred position, the leather digs into the area right below the Iiliac crest, even after adjusting it to the highest position. Nonetheless, I carried this rig on and off and it proved to be a satisfactory holster. Retention was perfect as I received it from Crossbreed, it feels less bulky than a leather holster, and relatively inexpensive for the utility this holster offers. In regards to retention, included with the holster are instructions should you want to make it stronger.

crossbreed kydex holster cowhidecrossbreed kydex holster black

Bottom line is that I like the SuperTuck, but I’m not amazed.

I found the spring clips to be very secure; however, they are more difficult to place on a belt. Though I rarely have problems with my Occidental Leather holster sliding, one will have no problems with the SuperTuck in that regard. If you have a nice thick belt, as you should, it ain’t going anywhere. I would not recommend the j-clips as it only catches from below the belt –though that’s the idea. I didn’t like how the j-clips disengaged from the belt if the holster were pushed further into the pants. They also appear to be more conspicuous than the metal ones provided.
glock 19 concealed with crossbreed holsterglock 19 concealed with crossbreed holster frontglock 19 concealed with crossbreed holster back

Tucking in the shirt is simple, in general. Keep in mind; long shirts may have nowhere to go around the holster. Should you need to adjust yours, a simple Phillips screwdriver and a little bit of experimentation is all you may need.

This is true with other holsters, but this gentleman came up with a mod to alleviate accelerated wear on your trousers caused by his SuperTuck.

I’m entertaining the idea of selling this holster, but not quite up to it yet. It’s rare that I must tuck in my shirt without a jacket [blaser, suit, etc.], but you never know. It’s a good holster; I just prefer the Occidental Leather IWB holster.  I may look at a Belly Band or a SmartCarry next.

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    Fix yer gig line


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