Never yield a minute to despair, sloth, fantasy.

Though my grandmother’s personality hardly resembles Rosenthal’s, this small bit of his book reads to me as if it were her.

You must bare your heart and expect nothing in return.
You must respond totally to nature.
You must return to your simple self.
I do not fool you. There lies no other path.
I have not forsaken you, but I cannot be among you all.
You are not alone
so long as you love your own simple selves.
Your natural hair, your skin, your graceful bodies,
your knowing eyes and your tears and tongues.
How Could I Not Be Among You?
-Ted Rosenthal

She passed away peacefully this afternoon.


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One Comment on “Never yield a minute to despair, sloth, fantasy.”

  1. Davidwhitewolf
    November 23, 2010 at 9:32 pm #

    Connie and I are sorry for your loss. We just returned from laying her mother to rest today, so your sorrow is keenly felt.

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