Ghost Trigger Connectors

I bought Ghost trigger connectors, direct from  I was satisfied with the OEM pull, so I ended up purchasing the Ranger connector (4.5 lbs) for a cleaner break and shorter trigger reset.

I installed one on the GLOCK 19.  The difference may not be perceived as dramatic, but it is an improvement, nonetheless.

The GLOCK 29SF trigger pull was fine the way it was.  I did a fluff and buff on the firing pin safety, critical points on the trigger bar and firing pin yielded a cleaner break than connector.

I do want to shorten the trigger pre-travel on the 29SF – that’s it.  I took a look at Glockworx and Vanek drop-in trigger kits, but I’m concerned about reliability for self-defense.  Any input?  It’s difficult to differentiate the FUD from knowledge/experience based information.

Not concerned about getting sued for having modified parts.  I just want to stay alive with a working pistol.

EDIT:  NM.  Even if either trigger were to reduce pre-travel, it’s not worth $150.00, minus dealer discount with the FFL 03.

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    […] 3rd generation GLOCK 19 and 29SF are OEM, with the exception of Ghost Recon connectors. If I felt like grinding away at a Ghost Rocket connector, I may have appreciated the modification […]

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