Convert-a-Pell Review

1911 pellet conversion .22

“The name of the product is “Convert-a-Pell”, and it is the perfect solution to urban spread and lack of shooting space.” With that in mind, the Convert-a-Pell kit is a solution, but not necessarily the solution.

It’s a rainy day in Sacramento, CA so I thought I give the Convert-a-Pell for the 5” 1911 Government a fair shake today. Several weeks ago, a neighbor told me I should give this kit a try; he thought it was right up my ally.

convert a pell kit 1911 5" barrel les baerconvert a pell kit 1911 5" barrel

Convert-a-Pell is a conversion kit to allow firearms shoot pellets. Each kit straight from the manufacturer in California comes with a brass adapter tube fitted with o-rings and six cartridges. Primer punch and pellet ramrod are optional accessories.

I let the kit sit around for quite sometime; it didn’t interest me. If I wanted to practice indoors with feedback, I’m willing to spend at least $120 on a used airsoft variation. After adapting, loading, shooting, and cleaning the darned thing, my initial impressions holds true.

After watching this video from the manufacture website, I was looking forward to an easy install. I discovered otherwise. One can argue I need more muscle, but I can almost be certain my installation wasn’t as easy the gentleman in the video made it out to be. Old o-rings will also pinch and strip away during installation. Luckily, the o-rings aren’t particularly special and were available at my local hardware store.

Loading the cartridges were simple, the primers can be placed by hand with assistance of a flat, hard surface. The pellet seated without a problem.

I observed barrel adapter pushing on initial trials. The pressure of the primer was capable of pushing the adapter approximately 1/8” after each shot. Replacing the o-rings fixed this problem. It is likely that the original o-rings had lost their stretch and compression capability.

convert a pell kit 1911 5" barrel o-rings

It appears to be moderately accurate at 15 feet using round GAMO .177 pellets.

I didn’t perceive the clean up to be easy. The cartridges and barrel adapter lip are typically fouled with carbon deposits. A bronze brush was necessary to clean it off.

This kit in a semi-automatic pistol provides an owner the ability to utilize the actual firearm for practice with visual feedback. The power from a primer is not enough to cycle the firearm; therefore, it is a single shot conversion kit. With an airsoft replica, such as the Tokyo Marui M1911A1, you can practice indoors, with plastic 6mm BBs, with visual feedback and blowback action.

This kit may shine on a revolver platform, however. I have yet found an airsoft solution to practice with plastic BBs and utilize a lose cartridge system to incorporate speedloaders. On the other hand, Tom Gaylord tested the Convert-a-Pell in a S&W 686 6” and reported poor results. I have a Taurus M85 2” barrel I may want to covert, so I’ll be sure to provide an update should that day come.

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One Comment on “Convert-a-Pell Review”

  1. October 24, 2010 at 4:57 pm #

    I made my own adapter for a Thompson Center .222 barrel by machining the end of a cartridge to accept a shotgun primer. I did this so I could shoot starlings with .22 pellets, but it was easier just to use my .22 rifle. It worked OK, but it the manipulations were more trouble than I wanted. I would have used it more if I lived in a more heavily populated area.

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