Kifaru Woobie, Doobie and Regulator

I bought my sleeping system to stay relatively warm at around 40˚F with the Slick Regulator alone.  Should it get a little cold I also bought the Woobie G1 to throw on top.  In my experience,  the Regulator + Woobie combination has kept me warm in the low 30s.  The Regulator is lightweight, durable and easy to pack.  Particularly, I enjoy using it because it doesn’t take long for the bag to feel warm – the body heat it captures wraps around me in no time.  Even when it gets damp, I remain warm thanks to the water resistance of the RhinoSkin material.

I stand 5’6″ at 155 lbs., so I don’t have an issue with space using a standard bag.  If you’re a giant, Kifaru creates wide and long variations.  I’ve had many cozy nights in this bag and have been very happy with it.  If I were to make any changes, I might purchase the 20˚F bag, but would definitely select the Base Regulator instead.  Though I haven’t had a problem with a Regulator/Woobie combo, my feet are the first to chill.  It would be great to have the option to securely attach an MOB section for the feet.

doobie woobie kifaru regulator

From top to bottom: Regulator, G1 Marauder, G1 Woobie, G2 Doobie.

The Woobie is great for short hikes, road trips, dates or for the poor bastards who doesn’t know how to dress for the weather.  Kifaru’s stuff sack #2 (medium) can fit quite a bit – it fits the Woobie and Regulator with some room to spare.

Poor bastard.

When Kifaru released the Doobie, I went ahead and purchased their G2 variation.  Weighing at 2 lbs., 2 oz., it’s just as easy to bring along for outdoor trips – provided that a stuff sack is handy.  The bag attached to the Doobie is quite large, so I would absolutely recommend a stuff sack for it.  Note that the weight of the Doobie is about twice that of the Slick Regulator at 1 lbs., 6 oz.

doobie woobie kifaru regulator marauder

Left to right: 32 oz. Nalgene bottle, G2 Woobie, G1 Woobie, G1 Marauder.

On a camping trip in Nevada, it was cold on the way up.  It took us about 29 hours to get to the campsite – very unusual considering it should have taken about a quarter of that.  Nonetheless, some of that time was spent waiting for vehicle assistance – while it was snowing.  Sitting idly does not generate warmth.  Sitting inside the bed of a pickup with an open canopy did not help.  With the Doobie, a waiting game was made comfortable and I managed to get a nap on a calm, 30˚F late afternoon.  The rest of the weekend was warm and wonderful, so I didn’t get to test the Slick Regulator/Doobie combo.

Mindful about lugging the Doobie, it had to be manageable inside the #2 stuff sack I already have.  I observe that it gets filled, but manages compresses into a wonderful package, anyway.

stuff sack kifarukifaru stuff sack comparison

The Woobie  is a nice addition to a person’s vehicle kit too.   I personally keep a 100% wool blanket that Cheaper Than Dirt sells in my vehicle, but that’s too itchy and heavy for some.

For about two years now, the Climate Control System from Kifaru provided me a durable product without the clamminess and warmth without the bulk. The CCS appears to be a complete line of which one can customize and adapt it to their needs – and very likely yours.  Hopefully, I’ll have some outdoor time coming up in October to see how well the Slick Regulator/Doobie combo works in cooler weather.  I’ll keep you posted!


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4 Comments on “Kifaru Woobie, Doobie and Regulator”

  1. September 20, 2010 at 7:52 am #

    I bet you could lose a pound or two by using a diff backpack 😉

    • September 20, 2010 at 9:57 am #

      Probably, but I’ve been pretty happy with the Kifaru line. =P

  2. September 20, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

    If I remember correctly, Rhinoskin kept Ace Ventura pretty warm in “When Nature Calls…” : ) Nice review!

    • September 21, 2010 at 12:48 pm #

      A classic right there!

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