So after almost a year of self pep-talk toward a career in teaching, many hours of classroom observation, passing the CBEST and CSET, live scan, paperwork, a denial, and an acceptance, I decided that teaching isn’t for me after all.

I feel a sense of shame for not completing what I started, but there’s little point to pursue something unlikely to make me happy considering there are other avenues of going about it without going crazy.  This afternoon, I notified my supervising and cooperating teachers of my final decision after talking to them in person.

[UC Credential Program],

I sincerely appreciate the response regarding my concerns addressed in
the journal assignment.  Though I am aware that a decision now is
likely too early, I have doubts, ignorant or otherwise, regarding my
longevity in a teaching career.   I still have a passion for children
to succeed – to critically think about their surroundings and have a
way to go about life that is methodical, yet with spirit.  At this
time, however, I believe I will have to seek this passion elsewhere.

There’s is no doubt in my mind that I could succeed through the
program, but I have an unsettling feeling about the first five years
of teaching that I am unable to ignore.   I was given the best
circumstances to succeed – an excellent and successful cooperating
teacher, a good school with supportive faculty, many students who wish
to succeed and the full support of a UC system that I believe in.
It’s not a matter of stress or being overwhelmed – I simply do not see
myself in a classroom for more than three years juggling standards,
administrative demands and being a good teacher; most importantly,
being happy.

As I’ve related to either of you, if I did not have an appreciation
for teachers then, I certainly do now.  Student-teachers have a level
of certainty about their path, one of which has diminished in my
heart.  Some how, new and seasoned teachers alike, find a way to go
about it and continue.

My intention is to continue attending class, as well as be present at
my primary and secondary placement for the remainder of the week.  I
will finish graded work and surrender student scores, information and
keys that were provided to me during this time.

To you, I submit my resignation from the UC School of Education
teacher credential program.

Warm regards,



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2 Comments on “Washed-out.”

  1. September 2, 2010 at 1:03 pm #

    Well, you already gave the state your fingerprints with the livescan, so you might as well go to law school.

    • September 2, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

      HA! The state received my finger prints via livescan many times over. Thanks for trying though, David =).

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