TT Gun Leather & Occidental Leather – IWB Holsters

As an alternative to Milt Sparks or Alessi, a good friend made arrangements for Tim at TT Gun Leather to send me one of their holsters to try out.

A small, family owned and operated business, TT Gun Leather constructs holsters, belts and magazine pouches that  are well crafted.  Constructed out of cow hide with a finish that hardens the holster to retain its’ shape and retention, my experience with his holsters suggests that this is just as good as my Milt Sparks VM-II.

Milt Sparks VM-II

milt sparks iwb holstermilt sparks iwb holster sidemilt sparks iwb holster concealed

Tim has been working with leather since he was sixteen years old at his father’s company, Occidental Leather.  Primarily working on products for law enforcement, military and citizens, Tim makes many of the products himself.  The wait time for his holsters at the moment is anywhere between 20-24 weeks.  However, utilizing the manpower from Occidental Leather, variations of Tim’s design ships within 7-10 days!  Though my variation wasn’t a holster made by Tim, Occidental Leather’s Stronghold Phoenix, is a fantastic holster.  In fact, I prefer it to my Milt Sparks holster.

Stronghold Phoenix

tt gunleather holster fronttt gunleather holster sidett gunleather holster backtt gunleather holster concealed

Brand new, the GLOCK will stick.  Break in for this holster was absolutely necessary.  Be sure to not stretch it to accelerate the process.  It will break in just fine if you wear it around the house for a few days and wrap the pistol around in a plastic bag, holstered, while not on your person.

Though not made out horse hide like the VM-II is, the Stronghold has positive retention and a reinforced mouth.  The trigger pocket is also molded to the trigger guard.  The snaps are secure and the balance for the Glock 19 is just right.  Drawing from either the VM-II or the Stronghold is similar, but for my body type, I found that the Stronghold conceals better and sits lower than the VM-II.  There’s also plenty of finger room to grasp the pistol on the GLOCK 19 Stronghold holster.

The VM-II is comfortable if I place the holster at 4 o’clock, yet it still doesn’t feel quite right.  Occidental Leather variation is perfect for me at 5 o’clock.  In the photos above, I’m wearing a Liger Gun Belt.

I liked the holster enough to get a Stronghold Phoenix for the GLOCK 29SF – my gun of choice for a Sacramento CCW.  The holster for this GLOCK variation was quicker to break in, but I did notice that the relief cut for the fingers was limited.  I haven’t trained a lot with the GLOCK 29SF yet, so it may be operator error.  Nonetheless, I remain absolutely happy about the Stronghold IWB holsters.

If you need a high quality holster, go for Tim’s design.  If you want a high quality holster FAST, take a look at Occidental Leather’s variations through TT Gun Leather.

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11 Comments on “TT Gun Leather & Occidental Leather – IWB Holsters”

  1. Shenaniguns
    August 31, 2010 at 10:39 pm #

    What a good friend haha

    • August 31, 2010 at 11:12 pm #

      No kidding. Now I’ll just have to bug him for that S&W pistol for a brief review. 😉

  2. August 31, 2010 at 10:42 pm #

    Nice review Derek! Looks like a quality holster indeed.

    • August 31, 2010 at 11:14 pm #

      Sweet. Thanks for stopping by Mase!


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