Attend pre-school opening faculty meetings.


Lunch was provided and I didn’t fall asleep.  Thank you taxpayers for my lunch – it was delish.

I arrived at my student-teaching site for the second time.  I noted that I should give myself 10 more minutes to avoid possible delays as a result of a draw bridge.  It’s certainly better than a train; I hate waiting for trains.

For a process that’s entirely new to me, I’m not as anxious as I thought I would be.  Everything seems to fall into place without a hitch.  I introduced myself to many members of the faculty, all of whom appeared nice.  I am getting an idea of what to expect on my first day, so I think that may contribute to the lack of anxiety.

Familiarizing myself with the principal’s expectations will likely contribute to my success, so I paid particular attention to what they were.  The Williams Act and CST Scores are a priority for the school.

It was related in the meeting that one person arrives on campus to ensure the Williams Uniform complaint policy (English and Spanish) is posted in each classroom .  That’s their job.  Seriously?

The principal’s analysis of the Academic Performance Index, Standardized Testing and Reporting, California High School Exit Exam was interesting.  Through this, one can quantify how students perform in a teacher’s classroom.  Accountability appeared important to him.

Without surprise, students of a particular class that performed poorly on the STAR, actually did well in the same subject matter for the CAHSEE.  What does this mean?  There were more “bubble students” than those who took the STAR seriously.  I didn’t have to take the CAHSEE, but I could imagine myself taking it more seriously since graduation was dependent on doing well.  For the administrators, their strategy is to target the students who are far below basic and below basic performing students to demonstrate proficiency.  The more FBB and BB students that can demonstrate proficiecy, the higher the school’s overall CST scores will be.

The bottom line are test scores.

I remember experiencing the first state of California school implementing CA SB 12, a reauthorization on nutrition in schools that went into effect on June 2007.   This has not gone away.  I did laugh when it was related to me that bear claws meet the standard because it’s made out of wheat flour.  The state is hilarious, sometimes.

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