Kifaru OTW Bag Released

Prototype OTW Bag from SHOT 2010

Remember that prototype bag I checked out at SHOT?  Well, it’s here.

Mel at Kifaru introduced the OTW bag for sale on 08/09/10.  Check out the forum post for specifics and how they went about doing some of the changes on the bag since you last saw it.

The OTW Bag is unlike any “go bag” currently offered. There are no zippered openings or large flaps to deal with. With the OTW you have one handed opening and closing using our Rip Tab. It’s simply rip open and slam shut. Using the old fashioned “doc bag” style, with a wide mouth opening, you have instant and full access to the contents in the bag which stays wide open until you shut it. This bag is designed to fight out of, even on the move. Anyone working outside the wire will quickly realize the advantages of this bag, including combat medics and corpsmen. It was initially conceived as a “go bag” for mounted operations outside the wire, but as folks soon realized at the SHOT Show, there are many other uses for the OTW. Law Enforcement will find many uses for the bag, and I envision the OTW to be riding in many cruisers in the future as a LEO “go bag”. It can be used as a vehicle kit bag, pilots bag, and range bag, just to name a few.


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