Sig Sauer P239 9mm – A Brief Evaluation

sig sauer 239 9mm pistol photography

Sig Sauer P239 9mm

The nature of my current employment arguably provided me Good Cause to carry concealed in Sacramento County.  I sought advise from professionals to go about applying for a CCW and was receptive to their guidance.

In California, it is required to list the make, model, caliber and serial number of each firearm one desires to conceal and carry.   Eventually, each firearm will be inspected.  As such, I was advised to carry specific types of firearms and avoid others.  I was advised to avoid single action pistols, striker action pistols and cartridges smaller than 9mm.  Reportedly, “the only ones” have this perception that the average citizen is not capable of operating GLOCKs, 1911s, etc.

Provided that those are two pistols variations I am proficient with, one can imagine how bummed I was.

sig sauer 239 9mm pistol leftsig sauer 239 9mm pistol right

It appeared that double action pistols were my primary option.  I recalled my experience with the Sig Sauer P226.  Though it wasn’t horrible, the grip was too wide.  Even without the Houge grips, I wasn’t confident I could reliably defend myself with the trigger pull of that particular pistol; therefore, I was also looking for a single stack firearm.  After some research, I settled on a Sig Sauer P239 chambered in 9mm.

sig sauer 239 9mm pistol left open slidesig sauer 239 9mm pistol right open slide

Bought used, equipped with Tritium night sights, the Sig Sauer P239 is capable of 8 rounds in the magazine, plus a cartridge in the chamber.  The trigger pull is reportedly 10 lbs. in DA and 4.4 in SA.  The barrel is 3.6” and the pistol weighs 25.2 oz. without the magazine.  Also provided were Houge grips.

Compared to the Sig Sauer P226, my small hands were very capable of using the DA feature with the Houge grips.  I believe the width has potential to feel too small with polymer Sig Sauer grips, but the Houge grips increase the likelihood of getting caught on clothing.  Though the polymer grips were preferred, I didn’t have the P239 long enough to buy them anyway.

sig sauer 239 9mm pistol comparison to handsig sauer 239 9mm pistol comparison to handgrip

Though the trigger reset was longer than I prefer, it’s a smooth mechanism with a clean break.  Bear in mind, I speak as a shooter who fancies GLOCKs and 1911s.

sig sauer 239 9mm pistol disassemblysig sauer 239 9mm pistol slidesig sauer 239 9mm pistol rear sight

Without surprise, the Sig Sauer shot extremely well; I didn’t run into any malfunctions.  Quite frankly, the ergonomics were satisfactory too.  Though I’m not a fan of the DA transition to SA, I did quite well with this pistol.  The hammer drop is easy to program into your routine and I trained enough with it to become moderately proficient with it.

Sul. 15 yards. Rapid fire.

I wasn’t ecstatic about it as a primary CCW sidearm considering the weight and cartridge capacity.  At the time, I felt I needed to make do considering the animosity for CCW permits in Sacramento Co., or California in general.  I was willing to train on another platform for the ability to defend myself to convince an interviewing officer that I am capable of utilizing this weapon.  Though I felt proficient to possibly defend my life with it, it’s not my preferred sidearm.

sig sauer 239 9mm pistol slide decock sig sauer 239 9mm pistol magazinessig sauer 239 9mm pistol holster safariland

It’s a great pistol, but I simply wasn’t into it – a similar conclusion I made with the Sig Sauer P226.  Should one with small hands prefer a DA to SA transition on a reliable firearm, Sig Sauers appear to be the way to go; just not for me.

After discovering that Sacramento Co. residents were receiving their permits without issues, I sold the P239.  In California it appears to have a stable resale value, so no need to be concerned about losing too much should one need to sell it.

FYI, I bought a GLOCK 29SF, 10mm instead.

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3 Comments on “Sig Sauer P239 9mm – A Brief Evaluation”

  1. Shenaniguns
    August 8, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    I like the conclusion…


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