WeaponCLP by Centerfire Cleaning Solutions

Centerfire Cleaning Solutions has developed a high-performance gun cleaner like no other. Characterized by its cleaning, lubricating, and preserving properties, WeaponCLP is a complete gun care system in one bottle. With rigorous testing from law enforcement, Marine infantrymen, Army snipers, as well as your everyday firearm enthusiast, WeaponCLP has truly put itself on the grid. As technologically advanced as today’s weapons, WeaponCLP cuts down on cleaning time and “elbow grease”, making the gun cleaning experience more enjoyable. WeaponCLP is safe for all firearms, from your 1950 Colt 1911 to the high speed M4’s on today’s front line.

Two California firearms enthusiasts, Steve Thomas and Shawn Stahl, wanted to make a “big bang” in the firearm industry with a vision “to encourage responsibility of all firearm enthusiasts in order to preserve gun ownership rights and show others that we respect the environment.”

Centerfire Cleaning Solutions’ WeaponCLP is the result of that vision.

Several weeks ago, Shawn Stahl requested me to review their product that is “not just another gun lube, it is a complete firearm maintenance system in a bottle.”  Stahl stated that it is an “eco-friendly product that could outperform the harsh petroleum based chemicals in every way.”   After I submitted a request, Stahl sent a 4 oz. bottle my way.

It is a California company, after all.  The lubricant is bottled inside a recyclable aluminum container and equipped with a pump spray.  Wafting over the orifice of the bottle, my initial impression of the smell was that of peanut oil.  I was assured that I was “miles away.”  I could do without the spray nozzle.  I prefer a dropper, but that’s just me.

I was initially skeptical about the necessity of a non-toxic and biodegradable alternative to the motor oil+WD40+break cleaner/Break Free CLP I traditionally use.  Some cringe; others praise its’ use.  It’s inexpensive, plentiful and gets the job done.  Why the need for Weapon CLP?

The smell of Hoppe’s can be an acquired appreciation, so alternatives are nice.  The odor of WeaponCLP is neutral and easy on the olfactory senses.  It’s also non-toxic to ease health concerns.  The viscosity is low and not sticky.

I can’t speak much about the toxicity – I’m just going to take their word for it.  Their MSDS figures are published on their website.

Regarding performance; Scott E. Mayer of Shooting Times appears to have established that WeaponCLP “greatly exceeded the performance of similar products as a lubricant and preservative.”  It’s an impressive article with what appears to be repeatable results.  Through several weeks of regular use and casual observations, my finding coincide with Mayer’s conclusion.

I’ve used WeaponCLP on my Les Baer TRS, Ruger Mark III 22/45 and other firearms with outstanding results, but I think WeaponCLP’s utility stood out the most when I use it to maintain my battle rifle.

I use corrosive ammunition [are you cringing yet?], so keeping rust off of my genuine Springfield USGI M1A is important.  With good care, I have observed no ill effects of such use.  But good care requires a LOT of work.  With WeaponCLP, the chamber stays smooth and clean with less perceived effort.  The low viscosity of WeaponCLP appears to break down the crud a lot faster and easier, taking fewer patches to clean the barrel.  Certainly a lot better than Break-free CLP and more pleasant that brake cleaner [how about now?].  WeaponCLP also maintains a nice wet look on all surfaces – it doesn’t “dry” out or get sticky over time.

Keep in mind that this product is twice the cost of Break-free CLP, and it has been demonstrated that Break-free is sufficient as a rust preventative and lubricant.    However, I have observed that Break-free tends to evaporate and doesn’t clean particularly well.   I typically have to rely on an additional product.  In any case, I have found that WeaponCLP works well and should I run out, I will certainly think of it.  It’s an impressive lubricant, but I won’t put aside the four unopened 4 oz. bottles of Break-free I already have.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a good product that had demonstrated fantastic cleaning, lubricating and preservation qualities; all in a package that is environmentally inert, you will not be disappointed with WeaponCLP.  If you have reserves of lubricants like I do, it’s still worth a shot.

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