Gun Blogger Rendezvous 2010 and Nevada CCW

**Nevada CCW and LMS Defense Defensive Medicine classes**

If you intend on traveling to Reno, NV for the 2010 Gun Blogger Rendezvous, be sure to make arrangements for the Nevada CCW course.  Mr. Completely appears to be coordinating a Utah CCW class; however, should you want to carry in Nevada, you must attend the 8-hour course, qualify and visit the sheriff’s office during a weekday.  Utah CCW is not recognized in Nevada.

From Armed and Safe‘s website:

Our CCW permit class for Nevada/Utah is one day, minimum 8 hours. UTAH only class and CCW PERMIT RENEWALS (every 5 years) are 4 hours in length. All CCW classes include the Utah CCW sign off . CHANGE effective July 1st, 2009: Nevada will NO LONGER recognize the UT CCW permit for carry in NV. ALL training for the NV permit MUST be done IN the state of NEVADA and applications are done in Nevada Monday-Friday (8am to 4:30pm). Resident or non-resident permits are mailed (5 years for both permits).Qualification is specific to make+model+caliber on all semi-autos (unlimited number), revolvers are universal (shoot one=ALL).

Interested in a private class? Be sure to call Kelley at (775) 560-2741 or email her at I’ve taken an NRA Instructor’s course and the Nevada CCW course; both experiences were very positive.

There is also the LMS Defense experience in Sparks, NV.  I recommend a one day defensive medicine class should you have the time to take it.  Click here to see what it’s all about.

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