Air Venturi Bronco – My First Air Rifle

air rifles venturi bronco

Air Venturi Bronco

“The Bronco has a stock similar in dimensions and style to the C1, but the wood has a blond finish. Sized for teens and adults, the rifle is easy to cock, has a 12.75″ length of pull and a crisp two-stage trigger. Ideally suited for shooting tin cans, paper targets and swingers, the Bronco is available in .177 caliber and delivers 500 fps. Its modest 19-lb. cocking effort and its light weight mean that shooters can use the gun for hours without growing weary.

The Air Venturi Bronco has been well-received by airgunners. While there are other guns with some of the Bronco’s attributes, none have all of them. The Bronco is sized for teens and can be used for training young shooters. However, adults can easily shoulder and shoot the Bronco…”

Shortly after SHOT Show 2010, Pyramyd Air kindly gave me an opportunity to shoot and review air rifles they may have on hand.  I had a choice, but I didn’t know where to start.  I know little about air guns.  My earliest memory shooting was with my uncle and his pellet gun.  He taught me how break the barrel action, place the pellet in the chamber and shoot.  That’s about it, so I asked Patrick Coughlin to point me in the right direction.

“I don’t hunt often; however, I do introduce many shooters to the sport/discipline.  The primary use of an air rifle for me would to teach scouts who wish to opt out the muzzle loading or modern cartridge requirements for the rifle merit badge.  Secondary use would be casual plinking at steel targets and maybe small game.

What rifle would you suggest that has repeatable performance, can be maintained for a long life without replacing expensive parts, and suitable for scouts between the ages 13-17 – as well as myself.  It doesn’t need to be pretty, but it does need to be accurate.  A .177 pellet will suffice.  A break-barrel action also would seem appropriate.”

air rifles venturi bronco triggerair rifles venturi bronco rear sight

Patrick believed that the Bronco would be a great rifle to start with.  “Built with the beginner in mind for the airgun industry, [the Air Venturi Bronco] is easy to cock.”  He also reported that the Bronco requires less upkeep.

air rifles venturi bronco break action

From a new air rifle shooter perspective, I’m looking for a product I can take out of the box and start shooting respectable groups.  No assembly required or accessories to wonder about.   Out of the box bliss.

I received the Bronco and I was pleasantly surprised with the heft.  It’s a solid air rifle with an attractive blond stock, solid rubber butt pad and a white shim to complement the appearance.

air rifles venturi bronco break action 17 cal

The metal rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation.  The front sight blade is plastic, but is guarded with a metal hood.

air rifles venturi bronco front sight

On the box, it promotes that this rifle provides “Easy cocking, Crisp two-stage trigger, [and a] Positive safety.”

According to B.B. Pelletier, the cocking effort is about 19lbs and only requires 90˚ for a complete cycle.  Reportedly, other rifles require up to 140˚.  I  also noticed that the muzzle break is wide and long enough to provide excellent leverage.

The trigger mechanism is crisp and feels very similar to a factory Savage 10FP trigger.  It’s not a cheap Lego set – it has the feel and quality from reputable firearm manufacture.  The ambidextrous safety is automatically activated after you cock the rifle and easy to manipulate from both sides.

On top of the receiver is an 11mm dovetail that can accept scope rings or a peep sight.

According to Pelletier, peeps sights are difficult to come by.  You may have to modify the stock for any after market peep sight to adjust low enough.

Though it can be difficult, the open rear sight adjusts just fine.  However,  it appears that the front sight sits too low.  With the rear sight adjusted to it’s lowest setting, the pellets hits a little over an inch too high at 15 yards with the POI at 6 o’clock.  The rifle groups very well, however.

air rifle target 17 caliber

I’ll have to keep an eye out on ideas to shim the front sight or invest in an appropriate peep sight that can accommodate the front sight without modification.

Besides the sights, the Bronco is a wonderful air rifle.  Though the FPS rating on the Bronco is low, I’m convinced that it’s sufficient for my purpose and likely for others.     Another advantage is that the rifle will likely last longer and require less maintenance.

I haven’t had an opportunity to utilize this air rifle as an instructor, but I’m confident that this will be an excellent teaching tool in situations when a full fledged shooting range is not available to teach marksmanship fundamentals.  Not only is it another tool in the box, it’s a rifle that will provide fun and quiet entertainment, and boasts repeatable accuracy.  I would imagine that this is an excellent  garage or backyard plinker.

Pyramyd Air, thank you for sharing with me the joys of air rifle shooting.

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7 Comments on “Air Venturi Bronco – My First Air Rifle”

  1. May 24, 2010 at 9:22 am #

    The Bronco is a great air rifle. It was my 20 year old daughters first air rifle. Equipped with peep sights, she was efficient at consistently knocking down soda cans at 40 yards. She could not cock my RWS 350 easily as it has a 36 lbs. cocking effort. However, the 19 lbs cocking effort of the Bronco was very easy for her. She loves the air rifle.

  2. June 1, 2010 at 1:21 pm #

    Nice write-up. I’m looking for an air rifle for my nephew. He’s a little too young for the bronco, but at least now I have a starting point (and maybe a toy for me!)

  3. Donald Fong
    August 3, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

    Hi Derek,
    Great review! Reading it made me think of getting a Bronco rifle. I’m considering that or something like a Beeman/Weihrauch HWS30.
    Hadn’t shot since late last year. So, I finally went to the range a coupla times and fired 90 rounds with the Ruger 10/22. btw, to my consternation, I found that rapid firing is not allowed at the range.
    Take care,

    • August 3, 2010 at 11:35 pm #


      Great to hear that you’re still shootin’!

      Yeah. Most ranges frown upon rapid fire… But only 90 rounds? Still playing around with the 12ga?

      • Donald Fong
        August 13, 2010 at 1:01 am #

        Hi Derek,

        >>>Most ranges frown upon rapid fire

        My friend in MD says rapid fire is not allowed at the ranges he goes to. Evidently,
        it’s a no-no at ranges all over the country.
        Yeah, I’ve fired around 90 rounds with the 10/22. And, maybe a third of those were shot in rapid fire fashion–oops.
        I’ve still got the 12ga. It’s alongside my bed and set in cruiser-ready mode but w/safety on. If and when I practice with it, I shoot dummy rounds. Haven’t shot it at the range in a long time. Much easier on my ears and nerves to shoot the rimfire rifle. I think–not 100% sure–that the 10/22 has no recoil.

        Have a nice weekend,


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